How to Make Every Shot in Basketball Stars Game For iPhone

The new top app Basketball Stars is a third person sports game where you can race to see who can score the most baskets in a set amount of time. The game also allows you to play one on one against a defender.

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Mini Clip released a new game that allows players to challenge their friends to a real time basketball shootout. The object of the game is to outscore your opponent. There are two game modes to choose from. Shooting Race, and Attacker – Defender. In Shooting Race, you have a set amount of time to outscore your opponents. In Attacker – Defender, you are playing one on one against your opponent. Each of these different game modes in the basketball stars game allow you to play against another person online. This means that you are playing basketball stars against another real person real time. You can even play with friends.

How to Make Every Shot in Basketball Stars Game For iPhone 

To shoot in the game basketball stars on iPhone you simply swipe up on the screen. I have been playing shooting stars for a while now and I have figured out a way to make every shot. To make every shot on basketball stars you need to be very accurate with the motion of your fingers. Next you will need to start a game. The easiest game mode to make every shot in basketball stars for iPhone is either shooting race, or the practice mode. If you have no money or cash you will have to use practice mode until you get another free spin to get more cash. To make every shot in basketball stars, you will need to swipe up so that your power bar stops at the white line on the left hand side of the screen. This will ensure that the distance of your shot is correct. You will also need to make sure that you swipe in a straight line. This will ensure that your shot is straight. When you combine these two your shot will go in every time on Basketball Stars game for iPhone.

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  1. Half the time I play a game it says connecting to Facebook and then I get disconnected and I “lose” I’ve lost so much money this is ridiculous. I love the game so much but i dont know if me or anyone else wants to keep playing if we keep getting disconnected and losing money

  2. Don’t play this game unless you have a really good wifi connection. Even if you can play, you still will be much slower that your apponent with poor wifi

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