How to Make Money With iFunny

How to Make Money With iFunnyMillions of people use the comedy app iFunny on a regular basis. This mobile app provides users with huge potential to make some extra money. There are a number of methods users can employ in order to generate revenue. Users have the opportunity to make over $100 a day just by interacting with users on iFunny. Who wouldn’t be interested in this?In this article I will discuss a variety of ways for anyone to make money using their iFunny account from home.

How to Make Money Using iFunny

To start things off lets discuss what needs to be done before you can start making money. Before you can make any money using an iFunny account, you need to post quality content on the profile. The content should be unique to your account. Re-posting other users content will not cut it if you want to make money using your account. iFunny offers a great platform for users to create quality memes from the app. Use this feature and post some fresh new content. With unique content, your account will gain followers. This is the goal; to gain as many followers as possible. Followers on the iFunny app are known as subscribers. The more subscribers your account gains the more valuable the account will be, and the more potential the account will have to make money.

How to Gain Subscribers on iFunny

Your goal should be to gain over 50,000 subscribers on iFunny. Once you have gained this following you can begin to capitalize off of the account. In order to gain this massive following you need to keep in mind that these subscribers need to be genuine. If you pay for subscribers from someone you will be wasting your time. You will find out later in the article why this is so important. The only real way to gain a massive following of genuine followers on iFunny is to post quality content. When you post quality content users will recognize that you have a quality account and follow it. Make sure all of the content you post is unique to your account and funny. Users come to iFunny to find humorous content.

Just posting a few quality jokes on iFunny isn’t going to cut it if you want to gain enough subscribers to make good money. You will need to continuously add more and more quality content. Your subscribers will quickly unsubscribe from your account if you fail to provide a continuous flow of quality, unique, content. If your subscribers are happy they are more likely to interact and be involved with your account, I will explain why this is valuable later in the article.

Continuously posting quality content will also have another side affect. If you post content that is funny enough, you increase your chances of being featured. Featured posts get updated around three times a day. Featured posts are typically the funniest posts on iFunny. When your iFunny post gets featured it will get viewed by over 10,000,000 users. When your content gets that kind of traffic your subscriptions will skyrocket.  The more often you get featured the more subscribers you will get and the more valuable your account will become.

How to Make Money With iFunny

Now that you have an account with a large enough following to make money, you can start making money. There are a number of ways to do this. The first way is to sell advertising to up and coming brands. To do this, you will need to contact brands and promote the fact that you have a large active following and you are willing to share their products with your subscribers for a fee. This is why it is important that your followers are happy. If the subscribers are happy, they will be more interested in what you have to say. When you contact businesses it is important to be professional. Contact them through email. Depending on the size of your following, you can charge anywhere from $10 to $80 per promotion. When promoting businesses with your account, be sure that you post at least ten quality unique jokes or memes for every one promotion. Subscribers do not like being spammed with advertisements.

Another way to make money with iFunny is to sell account promotion. Also called a “shoutout”, account promotions can be very valuable. Users of any social media platform will pay to gain a larger following. Again the amount you can charge for promotion depends on the number of subscribers your account has. You could charge anywhere from $5 to $50 per promotion. Experiment with prices to see where you get the most business. Again, it is important to be professional when dealing with potential clients.


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