How To Pause an Instagram Video

The release of Instagram videos was one of the biggest events in Instagram’s history. Some say that Instagram wanted to get a hand in Vine’s cookie jar. I would agree 100%. More recently Instagram has copied the Snapchat story, creatively calling the new feature the Instagram Story. Although Instagram seems to be copying other social media apps, it remains one of the most popular social media apps on the apple app store. I’m not here to talk about how Instagram seems to be mimicking every other popular social media app out there, i’m here to talk about the one of the features that Instagram left out of the Instagram video feature.

How to Pause an Instagram Video

Can You Pause An Instagram Video?

When Instagram released the ability to post short fifteen second videos it seemed like it was trying to do what vine had already done. However there is one key difference other than the length of the posts. The Instagram video could not be paused like a post on vine could. When you watch a video on vine, you can simply tap the video once to pause the video. With an Instagram video if you tap the video once you will be surprised to find out that the video does not pause, it actually simply mutes and un-mutes the video. Apparently Instagram thought it was too difficult for its users to mute their phone or turn their volume down. So it made it as easy as tapping the screen. People have mixed feelings about the fact that tapping the screen mutes and un-mutes the video. Some say that it is dumb and they would rather be able to pause the video. Others, however, say that it is a good feature and it prevents them from blasting sound from a video in class or out in public. Instagram users can argue about this for days so lets get down to the point of this article which is how to pause an Instagram video.

How To Pause An Instagram Video 

The Instagram video is very important to people, the only bad part about it is that you cannot control how the video plays. When you start the video you must watch it all the way through until it loops and starts over again. This can prove frustrating when you are trying to see something in the video. If you want to pause the Instagram video to look at something you are out of luck. This sucks because some of us are so used to being able to pause vines on vine that when we try to pause videos on Instagram we all just end up un-muting the video or accidentally liking the post. So in summary there is no way to pause an Instagram video. Maybe in a future update Instagram will answer the demand for a way to pause videos, but for now we have to rely on trying a little glitch. I have found that if you double tap the home button on an iPhone you can can view the Instagram screen with the video paused if you cover a little bit of the screen with the other slide. This is kind of hard and annoying to do so don’t think that this is a solution for the problem. Comment below if you believe Instagram should allow users to pause Instagram videos.


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  1. Seriously? “How to pause an Instagram video” followed by a wall of text that comes to the conclusion “You can’t!” Rude waste of time

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