How to Play Twisty Wheel Game For iPhone

The twisty wheel game will test players quick reflexes and coordination as they try to stop the spinning wheel on the correct color. This game can get very competitive very fast and is extremely addicting.

twisty  Wheel game for iphone

How to Play Twisty Wheel 

Twisty wheel is a new game for iPhone that has simple one touch game play. The object of the game is to tap the screen as the arrow is over a segment of the wheel that matches the color of the arrow. In level one of the game you will only have to match the arrow with the color once. In level two you will have to match the color of the arrow with a segment on the wheel twice. This continues to who knows when. If you make a mistake you will have to start on your first match again. In higher levels this can prove to be extremely tricky and frustrating. The frustration of failure is what will make this game so addicting. Below you can read about some strategies to help you beat levels and score higher in Twisty Wheel.

Twisty Wheel Strategies – How to Beat Levels 

Each level in the mobile game Twisty Wheel requires you to match another consecutive color on the wheel. As you reach higher levels you will have to match more and more colors consecutively. There are a few different strategies that can help you beat levels faster and match more colors in Twisty Wheel. The best strategy I have found is to be patient and don’t get frustrated. As soon as you get frustrated you will start to miss colors and be forced to start from the first match of the level. If you get too frustrated you just need to take a few breaths or take a short break. Another strategy you can use is to try to tap before the color reaches the arrow. This way by the time the message from your brain gets to your thumb or finger and you actually tap, the color will be underneath the arrow and you will get the match.

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