How to Promote a Blog on Instagram

How to Promote a Blog on InstagramPromoting your blog is a great way to gain a large number of visitors in a short amount of time. You can promote your blog verbally or with posters but it just so happens that we are not in 1990. The best way to promote your blog, today, is through online methods. Online methods of promotion include social media and SEO. In this article I will be discussing how to promote your blog with social media; specifically, Instagram. Instagram is optimized for mobile use which makes it great for promotion. More and more social media users are gravitating toward mobile friendly platforms. The great thing about using Instagram to promote your blog is that you can target specific demographics. Say your blog is about dogs. You can create a post with hashtags related to dogs and people who are interested in dogs will see your promotion and visit your blog.

How to Create an Instagram Account For Your Blog

Creating an Instagram account for your blog is extremely easy. All you need is an email address a mobile device and an internet connection. Once you have downloaded the Instagram app, you will want to set up your account. Try to make your Instagram username for the account similar to your blog name so that people will make the connection. Make your password something that is secure but also easy for you to remember. After your account has been created you will need to create a name tag and a tagline. Make the name tag of the account the name of your blog. Again this will make it easy for readers to make the connection with your blog. Make your bio something related to your blog; if you have a slogan for your blog put it in the account’s bio. You will also want to place a link to your blog in the bio. The bio will be displayed below your profile picture and name tag. By adding the link to your blog’s domain, you are providing potential readers a direct link to the blog which will increase the number of visitors to your blog.

How to Create Instagram Posts For Your Blog

Creating catchy Instagram posts for your blog is a great way to spark the interest of new readers as well as entice new readers to your blog. The key to creating a good Instagram post for your blog is to keep everything clean and neat. You don’t want your posts to appear cluttered and unorganized. You should try to create one Instagram post for every post to your blog. To start off you will need an image to post. Preferably the image will come directly from the blog post. If you do not have an image on your blog post you may want to add one. Be sure that the image you post is quality and interesting. Don’t post a picture that is grainy or blurry, this will scare potential readers away. You want to lure them into your blog with a nice looking picture that catches their attention. Along with your photo you will add a caption. This is where you will get to flex your creative muscles. You will need your caption to catch the attention of the readers and draw them into visiting your blog. To do this you will need to create a caption that is related to your image. The caption can consist of a snippet of the full post or just a summary. Just be sure that somewhere in the caption you mention that the reader can check out the blog by clicking the link in the account’s bio. Also in your caption you can add hashtags related to your post. Hashtags allow you to target specific demographics. When you add hashtags your posts will come up as a search result on Instagram for whatever keyword you want. To add a hashtag to your post just put a pound sign (#) then whatever keyword you want. For example if you want your post to appear for a search for “dog” add the hashtag #dog. Try to avoid adding to many hashtags as this could cause some readers to think your blog is spam.

If you create enough quality posts you will begin to accumulate a following. This will be beneficial to your blog because once someone follows your blog’s account, they will see every Instagram post. When they see an Instagram post that corresponds to a post on your blog they will be lured to your blog to read the full post.

If you have a personal account you will be able to switch between your blog’s profile as well as your personal profile without logging out. To find out how CLICK HERE

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