How to Save an Instagram Live Story – Can You Save Someone Else’s Instagram Live Story?

Instagram has grown to become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. In it’s early days, Instagram offered a few basic features such as filters that augmented the color scheme of your photos. Since then, Instagram has added more and more features becoming a massive platform that entertains hundreds of millions of users daily. In the past year Instagram has seemingly copied the story¬†feature from another popular social media mobile app Snapchat. Although it seemed like a knock off at first, the Instagram Story has become extremely popular and has evolved into the Instagram live story.

How to Save an Instagram Live Story - Can You Save Someone Else's Instagram Live Story?
The Instagram Live story is a feature that allows Instagram users to live stream a video from their phone. The live story can last as long as the user wants and can be viewed by any of the user’s followers, unless they are blocked by the user. Instagram stories show the user who is viewing the story and how many people are watching the story live. Viewers can also leave comments for the user to see while they live stream whatever it is they are live streaming. When you start an Instagram live story you can end it at any time. To end the live story you simply tap the end button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. In the past, once your live story was concluded, there was no way to see it again or save the story. Now you can.

How to Save an Instagram Live Story To Your Camera Roll

Before March of 2017, there was no way for Instagram users to save their live story after it was ended. Now this has changed. It is actually extremely easy to save your Instagram live story. When you end your Instagram live story, you will be presented with a landing screen that looks like this:

How to Save an Instagram Live Story - Can You Save Someone Else's Instagram Live Story?
If you look close, you will see a little button in the upper right hand corner of the screen that looks like an arrow pointing to a line with the word save underneath it. Tapping this button will save the entire length of your Instagram live video to your mobile, device’s camera roll. Once saved you can watch your story over again and share it with friends or family. This feature solves the problem of loosing some good video content when you end your Instagram Live Story.

Can You Save Another Person’s Instagram Live Story?

Some people may wonder whether or not it is possible to save another person’s Instagram¬†live story. It is definitely possible to save someone else’s Instagram Live Story. However, it does not work the same way as if it is your own live story. The only way for one to save someone’s Instagram Live Story is to screenshot the story. Luckily if you choose to screenshot another person’s Instagram Live Story, they will not receive a notification like they would on the Snapchat mobile app. Unfortunately there is no way to download someone else’s Instagram Live story to your camera roll. Comment below what you think about the idea of saving another persons Instagram Live Story!