How to Save Snapchats Without Using an App

how to save snapchats without using an appEver since Snapchat’s creation users have been sending snaps back and forth. Millions of users send and receive snaps daily from their friends, athletes, celebrities and whoever else may have added them. These snaps can only be viewed anywhere from one to ten seconds. This has been the trademark feature of snapchat. Thousands of snapchat users have been searching for ways to save these snaps for reasons that are none of my business. So what options do snapchat users have when they want to have the option of saving snaps to view for as long as they want? That is the question I will do my best to answer in this article.

How to Save Snapchats

I have been researching different ways to save snapchats for about a year now. I have used a number methods. The method I tried first was to download a third party app that would connect to your snapchat account and allow you to download the snaps and preform other tasks that the stock snapchat app cannot do. My experience with these apps was not good. They were always very glitchy and often caused problems when I returned to the regular snapchat app. I have tried a number of these apps and every one is the same story. When you access snapchat from a third party app it causes errors to be detected from your account. If too many of these errors are detected, snapchat will terminate your account and you will have to sign up again with a different username. Nobody wants to do this so I would not mess around with them unless you don’t mind signing up again if your account gets terminated.

The other option available to snapchat users is to screenshot the snaps. This method is risky from a social standpoint as well as pointless when it comes to videos. When you screenshot a snapchat, you will get a copy of the snap saved to your gallery, but you will also trigger a notification to the sender that tells them that you saved one of their snaps. This will happen when you screenshot a regular snap as well as a story. If you are trying to be secretive about it, screenshot would not be the way to go. If you don’t care if the sender knows, just go for it. Another problem with screenshot is that there is no way to save a video using screenshot.

How Save Snapchats Without Using an App

After about a year and a half of researching the topic of saving snapchats without using an app, I have yet to find a 100% effective way to do so. The only ways to save a screenshot without using an app is to screenshot, or to have a second camera ready to take a picture of the snap being displayed on the screen. Screenshots are risky if you are trying to be secretive and using another camera will not have good quality results; not to mention it is kind of sketchy. If you are extremely desperate to save snaps without the sender knowing you are still stuck with third party apps that can be downloaded from the app store. Unless you want to give the second camera method a try. I will continue my research and post an update if I find a plausible method to save snapchats without using an app.

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How to save snapchats without using an app

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