How to Score Higher in Stack Game for iPhone

Stack it an arcade style game produced by ketchapp. The object of the game is to stack your tower as high as possible by tapping as a block passes over your stack. Below you will find a strategy to use to score higher in stack on iPhone.

If you want to know the answer to the question of how to score higher in the game stack, you have to think about what is actually happening in the game. The object of the game is to tap the screen as soon as a block is aligned perfectly with the previous block. When you do this nine times consecutively you will get a block that stretches which will increase the surface area you have to land your next block. Each time you land a block flush with the previous block the blocks will continue to stretch. Even though the stretching of the blocks in stack increases the area you have to hit with the next block, it also speeds up the speed that the block passes over the tower. This speed is the only thing that can throw off your rhythm and keep you from scoring higher in stack.

How to Score Higher in Stack Game for iPhone

The best strategy that I have found to score higher in stack is to try to find a beat at which you can tap the screen and land the blocks perfectly flush with the previous one. If you can find this rhythm you will be scoring higher in stack in no time. Just make sure that when your perfect streak is broken, don’t panic. If you panic you will start messing up on blocks consecutively which will lead to lower scores in stack. When your perfect streak is broken the speed of the blocks will slow down again. Just remember to stay calm and get back into your rhythm.

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