How To See Somebody’s Snapchat Bestfriends 2017? 2017 Snapchat Update Prediction

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms available to users. Snapchat is a mobile only platform that allows users to send messages that dissapear after a set amount of time. Over the past two years Snapchat has grown into much much more than just an app that sends pictures. Snapchat now offers filters, lenses, and even a story map that shows you where your friends are. One feature of Snapchat that was taken away in recent years is the Best friends feature.

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How To See Somebody's Snapchat Bestfriends 2017? 2017 Snapchat Update Prediction

What Are Snapchat Best Friends?

Bestfriends on Snapchat are defined as those friends that you correspond with the most on Snapchat. In order to become bestfriends with someone, you must send them more snaps and receive more snaps from them than anyone else. Bestfriends on snapchat were once indicated by a list below your friends’ names. Then they were indicated by a smiley face emoji Next to your friends’ usernames. This is still how best friends are indicated today.

How To See Your Snapchat Best Friends in 2017

How To See Somebody's Snapchat Bestfriends 2017? 2017 Snapchat Update Prediction
Snapchat Bestfriends show you who you snap the most. To see who your bestfriends are on snapchat you will need to go to your snapchat inbox/ feed page. This is the page where you open snaps that were sent to you. If you look along the left hand side of the screen, you will see emojis beside some of the usernames. If you see a smiley face emoji next to someone’s name, this means that this person is one of your three Snapchat bestfriends. So in short, if you see a smiley face emoji next to someone, they are one of your Snapchat best friends. Many people know how to see their own Snapchat bestfriends. Below you will find out about a possible Snapchat update that will allow you to see other people’s Snapchat bestfriends.

How To See Other People’s Best Friends on Snapchat in 2017

After snapchat removed feature that allowed snapchat users to see other people’s best friends, Snapchat users have been asking the question “how to see sombody’s bestfriends on Snapchat?” Unfortunately there is no way for Snapchat users to see other people’s Snapchat bestfriends. The reason for this is that the Snapchat bestfriends feature caused a lot of drama between users and limited the personal experience that Snapchat wants to create between users. Bestfriends led to jealousy and fights. There are rumors from sources within Snapchat that the  reinstatement of the ability to see other user’s bestfriends on Snapchat. This feature may be included in a new snapchat update in 2017. Comment below if you think that Snapchat should allow you to see other users Snapchat bestfriends!

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  1. most definitely!! People cheat on their spouses. That’s a fact. Apps like Tinder make cheating easier but even tinder can and will reveal a person’s identity to a certain degree, they have made this app accessible to only people who have active Facebook profiles & it’s easy to tell if this person is in fact real & somewhat simple to find the person on facebook through mutual friend’s which doesn’t pan out 100% of the time but atleast you can narrow things down enough to find out if your spouse has a profile without your knowledge. The internet with backpage, CL, facebook secret conversations, “dating sites”, grinder app etc. have already made it almost effortless to cheat without fear of being caught!! Do we really need another app that encourages “privacy” enabling users to send pics to strangers & in snapchat’s case videos, pics, disappearing chats etc. that people can send knowing no one else will ever see what they’ve been sending or to who they’ve been sending things to the MOST which could be very important to know if you are married to someone who uses snapchat to send explicit things to the most often? It even informs you when someone screenshots anything in the chat!! Pretty sensitive info & a person’s spouse, although it’s a “free country” has the right to know who their spouse is spending valuble time with on snapchat rather than with their husband’s or wives & families!! Snapchat can be toxic to marriages in many cases, it can definitely lead to divorce honestly!! No wonder divorce has skyrocketed this decade…. all of these “privacy” policies on apps should probably be used only with single people!! If you have a marriage license to show those privacy features should be revoked between married couples!!!!!! There’s enough temptation in the world & snapchat isn’t helping!! If you could see your spouse’s best friends it may help people have more trust in their partners!! Who cares if it creates drama between immature idiots!!!!!! Save marriages!!

    1. Yeah I completely agree too. I’ve just seen my partners best friends and it’s shed light on what i already suspected. Only thing is I can’t confront him because then he’ll know I’ve been on his phone. If it was public I wouldn’t have to go about it that way. At the end of the day if spouses are being loyal there should be no drama. If it was public it might just force them to be a tad more faithful. I think it’s disgusting that apps allow the ability to be doing things inconspicuously so that their spouses never have a clue. It’s not a game this is people’s lives. Same for the secret conversation feature on messenger. Disgusting

  2. I caught my ex cheating on Snapchat. Had I been able to see his ‘best friend’ then I’d have caught him much sooner! Bring it back!

  3. Bring it back!!!! Snapchat will be sooo much better if that was still a thing. Could’ve found out I was being cheated on MUCH sooner. Every other app lets you see other people’s friends, why shouldn’t Snapchat!?

  4. This would be very helpful as I would like to see which girls my boyfriend has been messaging behind my back.

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