How To See Someone’s Best Friends on Snapchat 2016

Snapchat is a social app that allows friends to send each other snaps. Snaps are images or videos that can only be viewed once and for a specific amount of time. This app is extremely popular and has grown tremendously over the past few years.

how to see someone's best friends on snapchat

Snapchat allows its users to add friends. When you add a friend on snapchat you are able to send and receive snaps from them. You are also able to see your friends snapchat score. A snapchat score shows how many snaps a snapchat user has sent and received. Snapchat also has what is called best friends. Best friends on snapchat are the friends you snap back and forth with the most. In order to become best friends on snapchat, you must send them multiple snaps a day, and have them reply to your snaps by sending you snaps back. You have multiple best friends on snapchat. Your best friends on snapchat are indicated by a smiley face emoji next to their name in your snapchat inbox. In previous versions of the snapchat app, you could see your friends snapchat best friends. This feature did nothing but cause drama. Now the best friends are not publicly posted publicly for all of your snapchat friends to see.  Below you will find out how you can see your friends’ best friends on snapchat.

How To See Someone’s Best Friends on Snapchat 2016

Snapchat best friends were once available for anyone to see. However, now best friends on snapchat can only be viewed by the owner of the snapchat account. You can see who you are best friends with by looking at the emoji symbols next to your snapchat friends. If you see the smiley face emoji, that means that they are your best friend. To see someone else’s best friends you will need to do some digging. As stated previously, snapchat best friends are no longer public, this is because they caused too much drama. However, there is a way for snapchat users to see someone’s best friends on snapchat in 2016. All you need to do is find a way to get into their account. If you get their account log in, you will be able to go into their contacts and see who their best friends on snapchat are. This method may seem a little pushy and drastic but it is the only way to see someone’s best friends on snapchat. Ever since the public best friends was removed, there has not been a way for snapchat users to see someone else’s snapchat best friends.

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