How to Send Pictures on the Sarahah App – Can You Send a GIF on Sarahah?

Sarahah is the newest social media craze to hit the United States. Sarahah shot to the top of the top free app chart in late August 2017. Sarahah offers its users a unique way to correspond with coworkers, friends, family, and even people they do not necessarily know too well. The idea behind Sarahah is to offer users a way to send messages to other users. What makes Sarahah different from most other social media platforms is that the recipient of the message has no way of knowing who sent the message. This means that messages are one hundred percent anonymous. This platform is very interesting and will be an awesome addition to anyone’s social media collection. There are a lot of questions surrounding this interesting social app. Some of the most basic questions will be answered HERE. Below you will find out about using pictures on Sarahah.

How to Send Pictures on the Sarahah App - Can You Send a GIF on Sarahah?

How To Send Pictures On The Sarahah App

There are millions of users that are using the mobile app Sarahah. One of the most common questions brought up about Sarahah, is how pictures can be sent to other users. Many users have asked the big question “can you send pictures on Sarahah?” The answer to this question is currently no. There is no way for Sarahah users to send messages through this service. You may wonder why this is. For one, if people were given the ability to send anonymous images to people, you could imagine that some very inappropriate messages would be sent. Giving the ability to send pictures on Sarahah would also lead to some bullying problems. If Sarahah releases an update where they allow for users to send pictures, we will update this post ASAP! Another popular question that users have brought up is whether or not you can send GIFs on Sarahah.

Send pictures and GIFs on Sarahah

Can You Send GIFs on Sarahah? How to Send GIFs on Sarahah

A popular piece of content that is commonly shared throughout social media is the GIF. GIFs are sent through text, Facebook, Twitter, and even smaller social media platforms that are not used by everybody. Sarahah Users have been curious about the ability to add GIF’s to messages. Unfortunately, just as you cannot add pictures or images to Sarahah messages, you can also not add GIFs. This is for the same reason that you cannot add images to your messages. Even if you download a third party keyboard such as Gboard, there is no way for Sarahah users to add a GIF to a message.

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