How to Show Your Snapchat Story on your Instagram Story

If you have ever wanted to share your snapchat story on your Instagram account or Instagram story, you are in luck. Within this article I am going to highlight the ways that you can add snaps to your Instagram story!

How to Show Your Snapchat Story on your Instagram Story

Is it Possible to Add Snaps From Your Snapchat Story to Your Instagram Story?

You may have noticed that you see posts from people’s Snapchat stories within their Instagram story. You may ask yourself “how is this possible?” The reality is that there is no real way to post Snaps on your snapchat story. The only way to get a Snap posted on your Instagram is to cheat the system a bit.

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How to Post Snaps From Snapchat on Your Instagram Story

To post Snaps on your Instagram story you are going to have to get a bit creative. If you want to post a Snap from Snapchat on your Instagram story you will have to either download the snap to your device’s camera roll or screenshot the post. Once you have the Snap on your camera roll you can add it to your  Instagram story using the Add image from camera roll. To do this you will tap on your story on your Instagram feed and tap the add from gallery button in the bottom left hand corner. You will only be able to add images that were taken within twenty four hours of the posting time.

How to Show Your Snapchat Story on your Instagram Story

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This is not a real solution to the issue and is a little sketchy. However this is currently the only way to add Snapchat snaps to your Instagram story.

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