How to Stream La Mante in English on Netflix? Watch La Mante in English

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How to Stream La Mante in English on Netflix? Watch La Mante in English

La Mante is the newest addition to Netflix’s ever growing collection of original international content. There is currently only one season of La Mante streaming on Netflix but season 2 seems likely. La Mante Joins Dark and La Casa De Papel as great international Netflix original series released in December 2017. All three of these series have been opened with open arms by Netflix subscribers but one is different than the others…

How to Stream La Mante in English on Netflix? Watch La Mante in English

La Mante is one of the few original series that is not filmed in English that does not have the option to switch the dialogue to English. Shows such as La Casa De Papel and Dark give subscribers the ability to switch the dialogue to English. The only English translation you can apply to La Mante is subtitles. Don’t get me wrong subtitles are not a bad choice. I have enjoyed many series that are streamed in other languages by just reading the subtitles. I do understand that reading subtitles can take away from the experience of enjoying a series.

Thus, the big question “how can I stream La Mante in English?” is raised.

How to Stream La Mante in English on Netflix

La Mante is currently streamed in French on Netflix. Other dialogue options include German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. There is currently no option to change the dialogue for the show La Mante to English. In time however, the ability to watch La Mante in English should be added to Netflix. Dark was originally only streamed in German but after a few weeks the ability to stream in English was added. I expect the same situation with La Mante. I would be surprised if the ability to stream La Mante in English on Netflix was not added in the next month.

Comment below if you want Netflix to allow you to stream La Mante in English!

13 thoughts on “How to Stream La Mante in English on Netflix? Watch La Mante in English”

  1. Since the captions are very fast, I won’t be watching this series. Why pay Netflix to make original works in only foreign dialogue?

  2. I was eating when I realized I couldn’t pay attention to the subtitles and I tried to change audio to english so I just put another show on until I was done. Even though the beginning already had me putting my food down, they sure didn’t waste time showing a gruesome scene a minute into the show.

  3. I prefer subtitles to dubbing, but the English subtitles are bad. There’s lots of non-idiomatic language and some sentences that just make no sense, like where it says that La Mante was well-behaved until she “attacked a screw.” I checked the German subtitles and it gave the much more sensible translation of “attacked a guard.”

    1. Please stream this show La Mante in English. It is very difficult to do with subtitles as not always watching every word. Thanks!

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