How to Tag People in Videos on Instagram

Instagram is a social media app that allows users to post both videos and photos onto their profiles. The app started out as a photograph sharing app but has now evolved into an extremely popular social media platform.

How to Tag People in Videos on instagram

Instagram allows users to create an account and share images and videos with captions. The captions can contain hashtags which allow more people to see the posts. Users can follow other users on Instagram. When you follow someone on Instagram their posts will appear in your feed. When you create a post on Instagram you can edit the photo or video using the built in photo editor. You can then add a caption and even tag people who are in the photo. A big question people ask is “Can you tag people in an Instagram video?” You will find the answer to this question below.

How To Tag People in Videos on Instagram

The answer to the question of “can you tag people in videos on Instagram?” is complicated. You can mention people in the caption below a video on Instagram but you cannot tag them as you would in a photo on Instagram. The only way to connect someone else’s Instagram profile to your Instagram Video is to mention them by using the “@” symbol in front of their username. This will allow people to tap it and go to their profile. This is not as useful as tagging someone as you would in a photo because you cannot place the tag on the actual person. This is because when you tag someone in a video on Instagram, the tag would automatically update when the person changes their username. Also, mentioning people in the caption does not appear as clean as tagging someone in the actual video on Instagram. If you were able to tag people on Instagram videos, the tag could work similar to the 3D stickers on snapchat. The tag could show where certain people are when they are visible on the screen. The tags on the video would only appear if you tap once on the video, just like they do when you tap once on an Instagram picture.

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