How to Tag Someone In an Instagram Story

The Instagram story was Instagram’s attempt at competing with the Snapchat story. The Instagram story is essentially an Instagram post that can only be viewed for a specific period of time. Multiple posts are then strung together to create a story of events or images. Instagram stories can be made up of both images and videos. The images and videos can also be edited by adding filters, text and even drawing. All of these features are great and all but the question is, “can you tag a person or business in an Instagram Story?

How to Tag Someone In an Instagram Story
Can You Tag Someone in an Instagram Story? 

You can add almost anything to an Instagram story. However, one thing you can not add is a tag. There is no way to tag someone in an Instagram story. On a normal Instagram post, you can tag someone so that people who view the post can see who is in the picture. Unfortunately there is no way to tag people on an Instagram story. This can be disappointing to some but there are some alternative ways to “tag” someone on an Instagram story.

How to Tag Someone in an Instagram Story

Tagging someone in an Instagram story is not possible in the same way that it is on a normal post. There is simply no way to do this yet. Hopefully sometime in the near future Instagram will add a way for users to tag their friends and family in an Instagram post. However, for the time being, there is a way you can tag someone in a less official way. To do this you simply use the text feature to add the persons Instagram username to the story post. I realize that this may seem cheesy and it may be better to just not tag someone if this is the only option. But sadly it is the only option. So if you are desperate to tag someone in a story the only option you have is to add their username to the post. Comment Below if you want Instagram to make it possible to tag someone on an Instagram Story.