How to Use Multiple Lives in One Game on HQ Trivia – Guaranteed to Win!

One of the most talked about apps on the Apple App store today is the game HQ Trivia. This app gives anyone with a smart phone to the ability compete in a live game show. Isn’t that everybody’s dream. Its like Jeopardy but anyone can play; and all you have to do to answer is tap the screen on your mobile device. The best part about this app is that you can win real money.

Heres how to play HQ Trivia…

HQ Trivia is a twelve question trivia challenge that is single elimination. Miss one question and you are out. Answer all twelve questions correctly and you will split the prize with anyone else who wins. The cash prize is usually between $1,500 and $10,000. As you progress, the questions get harder and harder. Don’t fret, you can use extra lives to help you. If you have an extra life and you miss a question, it will allow you to keep playing. Extra lives are extremely valuable and can really help you in your attempt to bring home the dough.

Here’s how you can get more lives in the game HQ Trivia!

How To Get Multiple Lives in HQ Trivia

In the game HQ Trivia it is possible to get extra lives that will allow you to continue playing if you miss a question. The more extra lives you have the more questions you can get wrong without being eliminated from the game. Heres how you can get extra lives in HQ Trivia.

To get extra lives in HQ Trivia you must refer new players. When new people make an account with HQ Trivia, you must be sure that they use your code. This is the only way for you to get extra lives in HQ Trivia. You must make sure that people use your code when they register in order for you to get an extra life. The more people you refer that use your code, the more lives you will get and the more opportunities you have to make a mistake. So in theory you should try to get as many extra lives as you can by sharing your code with friends or even making multiple fake accounts yourself so that you can get multiple lives. Once you have twelve lives you will be guaranteed to be a winner… Right?

Can You Use More Than One Life In An HQ Trivia Game?

HQ trivia allows you to earn as many extra lives as you can. You will get an extra life every time someone joins HQ and uses your code which can be found by tapping the Extra Lives icon at the bottom of the home screen:

If you are desperate for extra lives you can share your code on social media or make fake accounts using your code. Once you have extra lives you can use the lives to help you win the game! Unfortunately there is no way to use multiple lives in one game. In the conditions of the Extra Lives features it states that lives will be applied to the game automatically and only once per game. This is disappointing to those who have racked up a pile of extra lives but makes sense for HQ. If they did not limit the number of lives you can use, people would simply make fake accounts, rack up extra lives and win every time.

Is it Possible to Win HQ Trivia by Getting 12 Extra Lives?

In theory, if you can get twelve extra lives in HQ Trivia you would be guaranteed to win. Although this would be great, there is a limit to how many lives you can use in a single game. You are only allowed to use one of your lives per game. So bonus lives will only be able to help you continue once per game, then you will be out.

Comment below if you think you should be able to use more than one life per game in the mobile game HQ Trivia!

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