How to Use Snapchat Face Swap With Dogs or Cats

Can You Use Snapchat Face Swap With Pets?

The face swap lens on snapchat is an amazing feature on the snapchat app that allows snapchat users to swap faces with their friends. 

The face swap feature on snapchat uses facial recognition software that tracks your facial features and moves them to the other persons head. Then the face that is applied to the head moves with the movement of the face that is on the original head. All of this technical stuff about face swapping on snapchat can be a little confusing, so lets just talk about something more fun; like how to use face swap with your dog or cat. I have not seen this done but face swap with your dog or cat should definitely be possible. If you can apply snapchat lenses to a dog or cat face, that means that snapchat’s software can detect the face of a dog or cat. If snapchat can detect a dog or cat’s face, the face swap should work just as well. I have also seen videos on social media of snapchat’s software swapping faces with paintings in the background. So I have no doubts that snapchat face swap would work with dogs or cats.

To see a face swap with a piglet CLICK HERE

How to Use Snapchat Face Swap Lens With a Dog or Cat

If you want to swap faces with your dog or cat you are in luck. According to some research, the process of using snapchat face swap to swap faces with a dog or cat should be the same as if you are swapping faces with a person. You will first need to open up the front facing camera of your snapchat app. Next you will need to scan a human face to access the lenses. To scan your face, make sure your entire face is on the screen, then hold down on it with your thumb or finger until the lens options appear. Scroll to the face swap lens and grab your dog or cat. The key to swapping faces with your dog or cat is to get their face to look strait at the camera and get their entire face in the screen. Once the faces have swapped, you must capture the image or video as fast as possible. Snapchat has trouble tracking a dog or cat’s face for a long period of time so you need to be quick when swapping faces with them.

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