How to Use The Face Swap Lens on Snapchat

 If you are active on social media you have heard of face swap. Face swap allows snapchat users to literally swap faces with their friends in a selfie. This feature is extremely popular with the younger generations. Before this feature was added to snapchat, people would have to download software specifically created for face swap, to achieve a face swap. Now it is as easy as applying a lens to your selfie on snapchat.

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How to Use The Face Swap Lens on Snapchat

To use face swap on snapcjat you first need to open the front facing camera. Next you will need to scan your face. You only need to scan one persons face then snapchat will automatically complete the face swap. To scan your face, you need to make sure that your entire face is in the screen, then hold down on it with either your thumb or finter. After your face is scanned you will be presented with a number of snapchat lens icons along the bottom of the screen. Look for the face swap lens icon in the bottom of the screen. The face swap icon looks like two white faces with arrows rotating around them. Once you apply the face swap lens on your selfie, you have two semi transparent faces. You must position your head so that the smiley face on the left turns yellow. Then you will need the person with whom you are swapping faces to position there face so that the second smiley turns yellow. When positioning your heads, try to make sure that both faces are fully in the screen. A good idea is to try to position the circles of the two transparent faces around the portion of your face that you want to be swapped. Once snapchat has found two faces that are good to be swapped, the app will automatically swap the two faces. Another tip for using face swap on snapchat; be sure that when you are positioning your face, both faces are looking directly at the camera. If one, or both, of the faces are at an angle, the face swap will not come out as clean as it could. Sometimes the face swap feature may swap faces with something other than a person. CLICK HERE to see a snapchat face swap gone wrong.

This lens is going to be a lot of fun and I believe it will be one of the most popular lenses ever released by snapchat. Kids in local high schools are already loosing their minds over the face swap lens. I am unsure about how snapchat is going to go about keeping the face swap lens around. It may be gone after a week like some other lenses or, due to it’s unique ability, it may stay around a bit longer. Maybe it will never disappear. Who knows, only time will tell.

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Happy Snapping!