How To Use The Sarahah App – How To See Who Sent You a Message

If you have any social media presence whatsoever, you have probably run into the mobile app Sarahah; or at least heard about it. Sarahah is the newest social media craze that bears many similarities to apps such as Yik Yak and Twitter. In this article you will find some answers to some of the biggest questions you might have about the Sarahah app. Some of the big questions answered in this article include:

  • What is the Sarahah app?
  • How to use the Sarahah app
  • How to see who sent you a message in the Sarahah app
  • Can other people see the messages that I send?

What Is The Sarahah App?

You may have heard about the app Sarahah. People all over the world have become extremely interested in this interesting social media platform. Yes Sarahah is the newest social media platform. Although Sarahah was originally created a little over a month ago, the mobile app has just recently gained traction in the United States. Sarahah has been extremely popular in the Middle East and Northern Africa for a while now. The app was created by the application producer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq. The apps name “Sarahah” translates to Honesty which gives a hint as to what the app is intended to be used for. The idea is that users can leave “Honest” messages for other users.

How To Use The Sarahah App - How To See Who Sent You a Message
Sarahah is very similar to the mobile app Yik Yak in that it offers its users an anonymous platform where their thoughts can be expressed. The similarities end there. The idea behind Sarahah is that users can offer friends “constructive criticism”. So now that we understand what the app is designed to do, lets go over how this app actually works. When you download the Sarahah app, you will be prompted to create an account. Once your account has been created, you will be able to search for users or find users in your contacts. You can then send them messages that will be one hundred precent anonymous. Sarahah also allows users to reply to messages sent to them by other users so you will know what they think about your message to them. I understand you probably have a number of questions about how this all works and how this could be completely anonymous, but first we I will go over how to use the Sarahah app.

How to Use The Sarahah App

I understand the confusion that surrounds this app as I, just a few days ago was in your shoes. So below you will find some dumbed down instructions on how to use the Sarahah app.

  1. The first step to use the Sarahah app is to download the app onto your mobile device then register for an account.
  2. Once you are logged on you must find people that you would like to leave messages for. You can do this by either allowing Sarahah to use your contacts, or by searching. (to search for someone you must know their username)How To Use The Sarahah App - How To See Who Sent You a Message
  3. After you have found someone, you can leave a message for them. To do this you will need to find the person you want to message, then type your message in the box then press send. This message will be completely anonymous and the recipient will not know who sent the message.
  4. You can also check your messages by tapping the message icon in the bottom left hand corner. This will bring you to this screen:

How To Use The Sarahah App - How To See Who Sent You a Message
Those are just some basic instructions on how to navigate and use the Sarahah app. Sarahah also allows you to leave messages for users without being logged on. This feature allows users to be even more confident that the messages that they are sending are completely anonymous. You may still have a few questions about the app. You may be able to find the answer to some of those questions below.

How to See Who Sent You a Message on The Sarahah

The biggest feature of the mobile app Sarahah is the fact that the messages sent are anonymous. So naturally, messages received by users may not be as nice or as “constructive” as recipients may foresee them being. This will cause some users to want an answer to the question “how do I see who sent me a message on the Sarahah app?” The answer to this question is quite simple. There is no way to see who sent you a message on Sarahah. There are a few sites that claim to disclose who exactly the author of messages on Sarahah were. These sites are unfortunately untrustworthy. These sites stand to benefit from your account information and may use your account for things that you do not want your information attached to. The only way to see who sent you a message is to ask your friends or hope that the author will reveal himself or herself. In a statement made by the creators of Sarahah, it is clearly stated that there is no way that the authorship of messages sent in the app will ever be revealed, unless the author of the message lets the recipient know.

Can Other Users See Messages That I Sent on Sarahah?

Within the Sarahah app there is a screen that displays messages that you have sent to other users. This page is located on your profile and looks like this:How To Use The Sarahah App - How To See Who Sent You a Message

The presence of this screen brings up the big question “can other users see messages that I have sent on Sarahah?” The answer to this question is no. There is no way for other users to see messages that you have sent through the app. This continues the statements made by the app that state that Sarahah is one hundred precent anonymous and nobody will know who sent them a message. The feature that displays messages that you have sent is for your reference only and cannot be accessed by any other users.

Sarahah is a very interesting concept and allows users to let others know how they feel without the awkwardness of being attached to the message. This service is great for letting someone know how you feel about them. A big discussion with this app is the possibility for their to be a lot of cyber bullying conducted on the app. Although this is a concern, victims of bullying always have the ability to report messages that contain hurtful content. Sarahah also allows its users to remove their account from search results as well as block messages from unregistered users.

How To Use The Sarahah App - How To See Who Sent You a Message
The idea behind Sarahah fills a niche that allows users to get good honest feedback from their friends, coworkers, and even family. The anonymous atmosphere allows for message authors to be honest without fear of the author knowing what they think. I definitely recommend giving Sarahah a try. If you are sensitive to the truth and people’s honest opinion, steer clear of Sarahah. Comment below what you think about the Sarahah app!

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