How To Watch Netflix Movies and TV Shows With Friends

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Within This article I will share the best ways I have found to watch Netflix with friends who are in different places. I will share the pros and cons with each to help you decide which method works best for you. This article will be updated regularly when superior methods are found. 

How To Share Netflix Movies and TV Shows With Friends

How To Share Netflix With Friends

Have you ever wished that there was a convenient way to watch Netflix with friends who are not with you. For example, watch Ozark with a friend or loved one who is a state away. Luckily for you, there are a number of easy ways to do this. Some methods are easier than others but all are effective in allowing you to watch Netflix with people who live far away or just simply are not with you at the moment. Within This article I will share the best ways I have found to watch Netflix with your friends which will save you from the horrible situation of FaceTiming while trying to sync up shows and movies. Lets take a look.

Watch Netflix With Friends in Different Places on

The first method I have to share with you that is going to make watching Netflix with friends much easier is Yes, the idea behind the name is to look like the word Rabbit. allows Netflix subscribers to create what is basically a chat room, where the creator of the room can cast or share their browser’s screen with friends. In order to use you must create an account and add the friends, who also must create an account, that you would like to join the stream.

How to Watch Netflix With Friends in other places using
Screenshot of being used to watch Netflix

The Pros:

The pros for is that the service gives users great tools to connect with one another while they enjoy a Netflix series or movie. They provide a chat bar that displays all of your friends comments about the show. You can also set up the chat to display a live stream of your face so that you can see all your friend’s face to face. This feature can seem a bit creepy at first but with some getting used to can be a lot of fun.

The Cons:

There are only two cons that I have found with my continued use of The first con being stream quality. By this I mean that when you stream Netflix on, the picture quality is drastically reduced and at times can lag. This can be very annoying when trying to watch a Netflix series with your friends. The second con is the inability to share the stream full screen. If you can live with these cons then I recommend giving a try the next time you and your friends from far away places want to enjoy a Netflix series or movie together.

Watch Netflix on Multiple Screens With Netflix Party

One of the most talked about methods to share a Netflix stream with friends across multiple screens is Netflix Party. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows friends to share what they are watching on Netflix with one another. Netflix Party is much easier to set up as only one person is required to install the program. Starting a Netflix party is as easy as starting a Netflix series, then clicking the “NP” Watch Netflix on Multiple Screens

icon in the upper left hand corner of the chrome browser; this will allow you to invite your friends to sync up with your stream across multiple different screens. Although Netflix Party is extremely easy to get started there are some cons as well.

Watch Netflix on Multiple Different Screens
Screenshot of Netflix Party being used to watch Netflix.

The Pros

The biggest pro for Netflix Party, like stated earlier, is the ease of use. Only one user must install the extension for it to work. All the other viewers will simply access the stream via a link sent by the person who started the stream. If you want the fastest way to share Netflix with your friends on multiple screens, Netflix Party is the method for you.

The Cons

There are a couple of cons  to Netflix Party that, in some eyes, may not be all that important. The first con is that the extension is exclusive to Chrome. If you do not have chrome you will be unable to use the Netflix Party extension until you have installed Chrome onto your computer. Another con is the messaging platform provided within Netflix Party is not all that great. Your friends will be assigned random characters that you will have to remember to determine who is saying what within a chat. Again, this may not be important to some.

What Is The Best Way to Watch Netflix With Friends Who Are Not In The Same Room?

In this article I have introduced you to what I believe are the two best methods to help you watch Netflix with friends who are not in the same room. You may be asking which of these is the best option. To help answer this question I will say this: if you are looking for a quick one time use solution that allows you to watch Netflix with friends in different places, I recommend Netflix Party. On the other hand, if you are looking for a solution that will serve you best in the long run, I recommend has a much more usable interface that allows for a much more enjoyable experience in the long run despite the longer set up time.