How to Watch The Oscars Live Story on Snapchat

How to Watch The Oscars Live Story on Snapchat Tonight is the academy awards, also known as the Oscars. This event is a celebration of the past years cinematic masterpieces. The event will be held in This year a number of great movies have been nominated for a number of different categories. Two movies in particular that I am paying attention to are, The Revenant, and The Martian. This event will be viewed by millions of people all over the world. People will be watching on a number of different platforms. These platforms include television, and social media. The social media feed will include Twitter and Snapchat. Snapchat has already released a live story titled “Countdown to The Oscars.” The countdown to the Oscars live snapchat story includes a sneak peek into the preparations of both celebrities and common people as they prepare for the big event. Many fans made a note about Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar. This is because he has yet to win one, despite starring in a number of classic movies. Snapchat is also using the event to gain some revenue. In between some of the snaps, advertisements will be played. These advertisements will be viewed by thousands of people which is great for the brands being promoted.

How to Watch The Oscars Live Story on Snapchat 

The countdown to the Oscars Live snapchat story was available to viewers hours before the Oscars Live snapchat story. It consisted of a sneak peek into the preparations being made for the Oscars. The Live Story included party preparations as well as last second trips made by celebrities to pick up their gowns. When the Oscars begin however, there will be a lot more action to be seen on the Oscars Live Story on snapchat. When the live story begins you will immediately begin to see the Oscars from the point of view of people who are actually at the Oscars in themselves. There will be a compilation of snaps from celebrities, news networks and fans as they react to winners and nominations. This is why snapchat is such a great platform for events. You are able to see events from the point of view of people who are there. I look forward to using snapchat as a supplement to the television broadcast. It is a great way to take in as much as the event as you can. The Oscars will be no exception. Snapchat users will be able to watch the Oscars from snapchat if they want, but watching it on both snapchat and the television creates a viewing experience that is unrivaled. Unless of course you are physically at the Oscars.

The Oscars live snapchat story will likely contain some up close and personal looks at the red carpet. Snapchat users will get to see the celebrities up close and personal from the point of view of the celebrities. The red carpet snaps will be a big hit.

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