Instagram Update Video Views – Pros and Cons

Instagram Update Video Views - Pros and Cons In the most recent Instagram update, Instagram has decided to remove likes from videos and replace them with views. What exactly does this mean? Before the update, videos posted on Instagram would display the number of likes as well as a link to see who has liked the video immediately below the video. Since the update, instead of likes, the number of views is recorded below the video. Below the number of views is the caption of the video and any comments that have been made. This new update has made some users unhappy while making others elated about the new source of data. In this article I will be discussing both the pros and cons of the new Instagram video views as well as some quotes from Instagram users themselves.

Pros of Instagram Video Views

The biggest pro that I have heard about the new Instagram video views is the fact that it brings a whole new data category into play for Instagram users to see. Before the Instagram video views were added to the Instagram app, there was only one data source for Instagram users to see, likes. Now there is two sources of data when looking at an Instagram video; views, and likes. Instagram users who have large followings love this new addition. It allows them to see which posts, more specifically which videos, are receiving the most views. Accounts such as ESPN or CNN would greatly benefit from this extra data. The extra data received from Instagram video views would help their social media marketing strategy out greatly.

When it comes to the average Instagram user, the views will show them how many of their friends are actually viewing their videos. A view is only counted if the full length of the video is played. Some Instagram users will find this bit of information interesting while others may just shrug off the update. The update does not affect Instagram users who are not posting videos on their Instagram accounts. If you are still interested in who liked another users video there is still a way for you to see this information. To find out how CLICK HERE

Cons of Instagram Video Views 

While some Instagram users would benefit from the addition of video views, other accounts have found it much more challenging to run their accounts. The cause of these challenges; more data. That’s right, the same reason that some accounts will benefit from video views, others will not. When accounts are trying to create a brand for themselves they usually create a mock following that makes their account look more popular than it is. If an account does this, and posts videos frequently, they are going to have to rethink their strategy. When these new accounts are trying to attract followers they may purchase a large number of “fake” followers to try to entice other users to follow them. Before the Instagram Video Update, these accounts could purchase fake likes to match the number of fake followers they have. With the new update however, the videos posted will display views as apposed to likes. The fake followers they purchased will not view their videos and therefor will not be counted in the number of views. This will create a noticeable gap between the number of followers and the number of views, which will tip off some potential real followers. While this is a rare case and wont affect many instagram users, it is a fair point and one that needs to be made.