Instagram – Page Overview 

Instagram is one of the best, if not the best, social media platform for not only personal use, but business use as well. Instagram allows its users to follow other users and share content using hashtags. All content on Instagram is in the form of an image with a caption below it. Users can “like” a post by double tapping it. Users can also comment on the post by tapping the speech bubble shaped button. Instagram is the best social media platform for businesses looking to market their product or service to a specific niche. I have been using Instagram for over four years now and I have amassed a good amount of knowledge related to Instagram. Below you will find a collection of resources that pertain to Instagram.

Instagram Content / Resources 

How to Get More Instagram Followers For Free

This resource discusses different methods you can use to increase your following without paying ridiculous fees for followers that don’t even interact with your account.

How to View a Private Instagram Account Without Following

In this resource you can read about a way for you to view a private profile on Instagram without following the user. This can come in handy if you want to know what a user is posting before you make the commitment of following them.

How to Tag People In Videos on Instagram

This resource will discuss tagging people in your Instagram videos as well as how tagging someone on Instagram differs from mentioning them in the caption.