Is ios7 A Copy Of Android 4.2?

Apple announced ios7 today.  The software is similar to android. Apples new ios 7 software is similar to androids jellybean 4.2 software. Apple claims that with this is a new perspective of a mobile operating system. When in reality Android 4.2 has had all of the features this has for months now. Even the new font on the homescreen is similar to android. It has the ability to have multiple applications open at the same time. This is also from android. The more I read through the new features the more I laugh. Filters you can apply to pictures, can people not already do that using social media apps? Safari is also starting to look like crome. Read through the features for yourself and tell me that they do not match android. What I am looking forward to is the actual release of the iphone six to see what the final version looks like. This proves that android is far beyond ios.

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