Jetpack Joyride Tips and Strategies – How to Unlock All The Jetpacks in Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride Tips and Strategies Jetpack joyride is an endless arcade style game that is played with simple one touch controls. The object of the game is to ride your jetpack as long as you can through a variety of different obstacles.

How to Play Jetpack Joyride 

Playing jetpack joyride is super super simple and only requires one finger. When you first install the game you will only have access to the stock jetpack but you can earn coins to unlock more jetpacks in jetpack joyride. The object of the game is to not only collect coins, but also to see how far you can ride the jetpack before you run into a laser or get hit with a missile. When you press start your character (Barry) will burst through a laboratory wall. He will then begin running through the laboratory on the ground. You can make him take off the ground in the jetpack by pressing on the screen. When you press he will move up and when you release he will fall down. You must also avoid obstacles as you fly through the laboratory. Below you can find out how to get more coins in Jetpack Joyride.

How to Get More Coins in Jetpack Joyride

There are two different ways you can earn more coins in jetpack joyride. The first way is to collect them during the game play. When you play jetpack joyride, coins are scattered all around the laboratory in different patterns. To collect them simply fly over them. The other method is to complete missions that will be given to you before you start each game play session. The missions will be simple like “have a near miss with five missiles”, or “run along the ground for 1000m”. When you complete three missions you will receive a coin reward for doing so. Completing missions is a much faster way to collect coins than collecting them exclusively during game play. You can also purchase coins in jetpack joyride, however I do not believe in purchasing coins in games so I do not recommend doing so.

How to Unlock All the Jetpacks in Jetpack Joyride

In order to unlock the jetpacks in jetpack joyride you need to collect coins or purchase coins. You can also purchase the jetpacks directly. There are a number of different jetpacks you can unlock in the game jetpack joyride. None of them will get you any new abilities. The jetpacks only look different. (cooler).

Within the game jetpack joyride there are also different boosts you can unlock by using coins. These boosts range from a dragon to a motorcycle to a teleporter. All of these different boosts can be unlocked with coins. There are also gold boosts available to unlock. You may think that the gold boosts will give you extra power but they do not. Again the gold is just for looks so you can flash your coin wealth. You can also collect spin tokens during the game. Spin tokens allow you to spin a slot machine at the end of the game that will give you a reward. This is also a great way to get more coins and earn new jetpacks in jetpack joyride.

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