Joker Comic Book Snapchat Lens 

There have been a number of different superhero and villain snapchat lenses. Most of which were sponsored.

The most recent super hero themed sbapchat lens is not sponsored. It is just a normal snapchat lens. The new snapchat lens resembles the joker from the batman comic books. This lens is pretty cool and will be used a lot in the coming weeks. Below you will find a description of the lens along with an image of the joker comic book snapchat lens. 

The Joker Comic Book Snapchat Lens

The joker comic book snapchat lens allows snapchat users to put themselves into the pages of a comic book. The lens makes you look like a comic book representation is the joker from batman. The lens does this by adding small dots that make the screen look printed. Then it adds a sort of mask of make up to make you look like the joker. 

Happy Snapping!

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  1. I uninstalled then reinstalled Snapchat and am still not getting the Joker comic?!?! What else can I do to get this? So frustrating!!

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