Kayaking the Neuse River in Raleigh in August

Kayaking the Neuse River in Raleigh in August

First Quarter Mile 

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The Neuse river is a generally river that flows from the tail race of falls lake dam all the way to the Pamilico sound. Depending on the flow you may or may not be able to safely navigate the river. At high water, which ranges between seven hundred and four thousand cubic feet per second, the tail race immediately downstream of the dam turns into a quarter mile section of class III plus whitewater. This water is extremely dangerous to paddlers who are not equipped for those turbulent conditions.  At lower water, below seven hundred cubic feet per second, this upper quarter mile section turns into a maze of rocks and extremely shallow water. In august the water level is rarely above three hundred cubic feet per second so if you want to attempt to navigate the upper quarter mile you can give it a try. Most paddlers and tubers run the section that starts just below this first quarter mile. 

Below First Quarter Mile 

Image result for neuse river kayaking augustBelow the first quarter mile is the section of the Neuse river in Raleigh, North Carolina that is most commonly paddled. This section consists of gently flowing water that flows for around three miles to U.S.1. This section of the Neuse river us full of scenic views. When floating down try to avoid strainers. Strainers are fallen trees in the river which can be very hazardous. Just paddle away from these as you float down the river. The entire section of river is flanked by the Neuse River Trail. This is a paved trail that is used by bikers and runners. If you ever have any trouble and are forced to get off the river the paved trail is always an option. This trip takes around four hours with minimal paddling. If you really put some paddling in, you could probably make it in an hour and a half or so. If you want a little excitement on your trip, you will pass a few different rope swings on your way down that you can get out and swing into a deep pool. There are also some sandbars where you can set up for a picnic if you desire. 

What to Expect in August

In August the Neuse river is warm and it is a great experience if you have never tried kayaking a river. In August both the air temperature and the water temperature are very comfortable. You can kayak, canoe or tube down the river at this time of year. If you do not have your own kayaks you can rent them from a local outfitter. 

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