Kim Kardashian Talk With DJ Khaled on Snapchat?

Kim Kardashian Talk With DJ Khaled on Snapchat?DJ Khaled has been loading his snapchat story with positive vibes. Whether he is in his garden in Miami, or in a sauna in Las Vegas, he is always preaching his keys to success on his snapchat story. He recently began his tour, starting with a 37 hour tour bus ride from Miami to Las Vegas. The drive was preformed by two drivers who rotated to keep from falling asleep at the wheel.  During this trek Khaled preformed a talk known as tour bus talk. Before the trip, Khaled hyped up the tour bus talk, mentioning it multiple times in the days leading up to the trip. This was the first time he promoted one of his talks well in advance. His other talks such as hammock talk, treadmill talk, and golfcart talk did not receive promotion prior to their creation.

Kim Kardashian Talk With DJ Khaled on Snapchat?

If you follow Khaled on snapchat you may have seen his story on January 5th. On this day his snapchat featured Kim Kardashian. This is not the first time these two have had a snapchat relation. In the Christmas Filter, there was a representation of Kim as well as Khaled in the same filter. However, now the two are together in the flesh. In his snap story, Khaled talks about recent publicity Kim has received. He then begins to talk about how “they don’t want her to be successful”. This is the saying Khaled uses for everything he does. The saying is his motivation. When he eats breakfast he says “lets see what they don’t want us to eat”.

Why Was Kim Kardashian on DJ Khaled’s Snapchat Story?

With Kim Kardashian making an appearance on DJ Khaleds snsapchat story, what can we expect? Could there be future talks with the superstar in the near future? This question will remain unanswered until time passes us by. Regardless of if she participates in DJ Khaled’s snapchat story, this is a big opportunity for any celebrity  who wants to start something similar to Khaled. He has the largest following of any celebrity on snapchat. Kim could have just been looking for some more attention, or just wanted to be a part of Khaled’s famous snap story. Again, we can only wait and see if she makes another appearance.

If it was a one time thing, it makes me think that Khaled should do interviews with celebrities and other important people. I think Khaled’s following would be extremely entertained if Khaled interviewed celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. This could be another route he takes once his keys to success die down. Or another celebrity could fill this niche.

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Kim Kardashian Talk With DJ Khaled on Snapchat?


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