Las Vegas Sun Glasses Fathers Day Snapchat Filter 

Many different snapchat lenses have been sponsored by brands. Even movies have received their own snapchat lenses. Now there is a snapchat lens for a city. Below you will find a description of the Las Vegas sunglasses snapchat lens that was released on Father’s Day 2016. 

Las Vegas Glasses Fathers Day Snapchat Lens 

The Las Vegas sunglasses Father’s Day snapchat lens allows snap hat users to imagine they are in sin city. The lens adds a filter that makes it appear as though it is sunny and hot. The lens also adds a pair of reflective sunglasses. In the reflection you can see the Las Vegas skyline. At the bottom of the lens is some water. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth. Once activated, gold confetti and beach balls will fall into the water and a white swan with “Las Vegas” on the side of it will float by. This may be a marketing attempt by the city of Las Vegas this Father’s Day.

Happy Snapping!

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