Last Chance U Season 2 Release Date 2016 – 2017

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Last chance U is a series on Netflix that plops the viewers into a small, but successful, college football program in Scooba, MS. If you are unfamiliar with college football you may not know about East Mississippi community college. You may wonder how could there be a football program at a small community college. First things first lets go over the background of the show Last Chance U.

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Is East Mississippi Community College From Last Chance U a Real School?

When people first start watching the show last chance U It seems like the show could be about a fake football program. However, East Mississippi Community College is a real school with a real football program that really dominates their opponents. The East Mississippi Community College (EMCC) Lions have won three national championships in the past three years. They are Dominant at the level that they play at. The reason this school dominates is because the East Mississippi Community College takes in players that are D1 athletes and helps them get their academics together while also increasing the level of their play on the field. They also get transfers from major football programs such as Florida State, Utah, and pretty much any other football program in the country. These players are usually struggling in school at the larger universities so they transfer to East Mississippi Community College for a second chance. Hence the name of the show Last Chance U. The show is called Last Chance U because this is the players’ last chance to get their act together and make it to a division one football program. If they can’t get their grades together the division one teams will not offer them spots on the team. The show does an amazing job of showing the teams on and off the field. It shows their academic life as well as their football life. With season 2 looming on the horizon fans of the show are looking forward to seeing a new group start their journey as they attempt to get to a division one football program.

Will There Be A Second Season of Last Chance U on Netflix?

Unlike most shows on Netflix you will not have a long wait to find out whether or not there will be a second season of Last Chance U. Netflix has already notified the public that there will be a second season of Last Chance U. If you are a fan of the show this early news can be bitter sweet. The news is sweet because you know that there will be a second season of Last Chance U. The News is bitter because now everyone is going to want to know when the second season of Last Chance U will be released on Netflix. The answer to this question is going to drive people crazy this fall and summer as they are teased by all the college football on television. Below I will break apart the probable release date for Last Chance U season two on Netflix.

When Will Season 2 of Last Chance U be on Netflix?

Netflix has already announced that there will be a second season of last chance u on Netflix. The question however, is when will the second season of last chance u be released? The release date of last chance u on Netflix has not yet been formally announced by Netflix but there are a few things that we do know. The football season depicted in season one of last chance u was the past football season (2015). So in order for Netflix to even start the second season of last chance u they need football season to come and go in 2016. So that puts the release date for last chance u season 2 at least after December 2016. Also allow time for editing and revising the show and that will push the release date back a few more months. So if I had to make a prediction for the released date of last chance u season 2 I would say probably around June or July 2017. It pains me to sat that because I have already binge watched season 1 of last chance u and i’m ready for season 2. But I guess that College football Season is going to have to suffice for now. Let me know who your favorite EMCC player is by commenting below.