Line Score Prediction UNC vs. UGA College Football 2016

The first week of college football offers a ton of great match ups. One of the lesser talked about games is going to be the game between the university of Georgia bulldogs versus the university of North Carolina tar heels. Each of these teams have their own strengths and weaknesses but to try to predict who will win we will look at the past season and how the teams have changed over the off season. Below we will discuss each teams strength and weakness and get a better idea of how this match up between the bulldogs and the tar heels will pan out.

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Georgia Bulldogs Football 2016 (UGA)

The Georgia bulldogs football team had a fairly strong season last year. Considering that they play in one of the toughest conferences in all of college football, they can’t complain. UGA finished off the 2015 football season with a record of 10-3 after winning their bowl game against penn state. The past few seasons Georgia has had a strong ground attack that gives opponents defense a hard time. This will be to their advantage in their game agains the UNC tar heels. The UGA Bulldogs running backs are going to run for at least 250 yards against the tar heels this fall.

North Carolina Tar Heels Football 2016 (UNC)

After last season the tar heels are feeling very confident in their football program. Although they finished off the season by getting blown out by Baylor, The UNC tar heels finished with a record of 11 – 3 in 2015. Their losses coming to every team they played from out of conference power five schools. The tar heels lost Marquise Williams who was a vital part of the UNC offense. Now the tar heels are going to rely on Mitch Trubisky to toss the ball around. Carolina fans are not too worried about this. Trubisky came into games in key situations and executed the plays to perfection. Even tossing a few touchdowns after Williams’ helmet popped off. It will be interesting to see how The UNC tar heels defense deals with the strong attack from the bulldogs. The tar heels gave up a record 600+ rushing yards in their bowl game agains Baylor. I predict that the North Carolina offense may be able to keep the game close with their explosive offense.

UGA vs. UNC College Football 2016 Game Predictions

Predicted Score – UNC 31 – UGA 35

Game Line – UGA: -4

Comment below what you predict the score will be.


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