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Search Engine Optimization is a daunting process that requires daily modifications, updates, and editing to ensure that your Law Firm’s website secures a top spot in search engine results. Here at OTLSM we specialize in helping business professionals earn a higher ranking in Google search. If you strive to rank number one in Google search and in turn get more clients to your Firm’s website reach out to us at We can set up a monthly package that will help your firm get more clients and earn greater profits.

Law Firm SEO Specialist
This graph shows the increase in traffic to a client’s website in just over one month.

Above you can see how effective organic SEO is when implemented correctly. In just over one month the number of visitors to this client’s website nearly doubled. Our team of copywriters and SEO specialists are committed to helping our clients reach their goals. Our CEO and founder, Jacob Kehler, is always available to discuss anything from questions about the SEO process to goals you have for your Law Firm’s website.

Why Choose OTLSM For Your Law Firm SEO Specialist Needs?

The biggest difference between OTLSM and other larger scale SEO firms is the quality of service and attention that your website will receive. In the past I have had clients who come to me wondering why their previous SEO provider was unsuccessful. Upon further inspection it was found that my client’s website had been loaded with redundant content and poor links. This is a horrible practice that will actually not improve a website’s indexing at all. At OTLSM we have a team of dedicated writers and technical specialists that will ensure that your site is updated with fresh unique content regularly. We have also amassed a portfolio of over 300 naturally obtained links. These links will be strategically directed to your domain to help build your site’s authority with Google’s search algorithms and earn you a higher ranking in Google search. In addition to traditional SEO techniques we will also help develop a keyword strategy that will help you get most out of your SEO package. We guarantee that our practices will get your Law Firm’s website more visitors and direct more clients to your Firm.

If you have any specific questions about  our SEO practices or are interested in setting up a custom package for your firm, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Our link portfolio consists of over 300 quality links and has been amassed in just over one year.

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