Merry Christmas 2017 Snapchat Filter!

Snapchat is known for making great filters that you can add to photos to help celebrate the holidays. Most holidays get to enjoy their own Snapchat Filter. One of the most popular holiday Snapchat Filters is the Christmas Snapchat filter. Every year this filter gets added to millions of snaps. Below we will share the Merry Christmas 2017 Snapchat Filter.

Merry Christmas 2017 Snapchat Filter

The Merry Christmas 2017 Snapchat Filter is a very simple filter that adds a festive gold border to your snaps. The filter also features an out of focus picture of a Christmas tree along with gold snowflakes and stars at the bottom of the filter. I’m the foreground of the Christmas tree up will find the text “Merry Christmas” Printed in bold gold font.

Here is an image of the Merry Christmas Snapchat filter:

Merry Christmas!!!

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