M&M’s Santa Clause Christmas Snapchat Lens Filter 2016

Snapchat has grown a lot since its early days. Snapchat now releases snapchat filters and lenses for each holiday. Snapchat also allows businesses to sponsor snapchat lenses and filters to promote their product or services. Christmas Time is an especially popular time for snapchat filters and lenses. The most recent business to take advantage of sponsoring a snapchat lens filter this christmas is M&M’s.

How To Get The M&M’s Santa Clause Christmas Snapchat Lens Filter 2016

This Christmas there have been a number of lenses and filters released. To this point brands such as Hollister and Nordstrom were the only companies to advertise using Christmas themed snapchat lenses and filters. Not M&M’s have joined in on the beneficial business move by sponsoring their own snapchat lens filter. The M&M’s Santa Clause Christmas snapchat lens filter turns you into the jolly man himself. The lens gives you a Santa hat and the iconic white Santa beard. Along the border of the filter is some garland with strands of M&M themed Christmas lights. Once activated, the lights will light up and flash. Give the M&M’s Santa Clause Snapchat Lens Filter a try and let us know what you think by commenting below!

M&M's Santa Clause Christmas Snapchat Lens Filter 2016

Happy Snapping!

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