Morocco: Love In Times of War Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status – Netflix Release Date

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Morocco: Love In Times of War Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status - Netflix Release Date

Netflix has been killing it recently with their original content. Although we are only a few weeks into 2018, we have already seen a number of great series added to Netflix’s collection. The most recent series being Morocco: Love in Times of War; also known as Tiempos de Guerra. This series has already begun captivating Netflix subscribers around the world as well as some of the nations top critics.

Here is what Morocco: Love In Times of War is all about…

Morocco: Love In Times of War Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status - Netflix Release Date

Morocco: Love in Times of War is a must watch for any Netflix subscriber who enjoys a history, war and drama in a television series. Morocco: Love in Times of War tells the story of Nurse trainees from Madrid’s Upper class as they encounter, love, drama, and gravely wounded soldiers in Melilla after starting a hospital to help Rif War soldiers. There is currently only a single season of Morocco: Love in Times of War available to stream on Netflix. As subscribers wrap up the final episodes of season one, they will begin asking the big question “will Netflix renew Morocco: Love in Times of War for season 2?”

Morocco: Love In Times of War Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status - Netflix Release Date

Morocco: Love in Times of War Netflix Renewal Status – Will There Be a Second Season?

When we take a look at the series Morocco: Love in Times of War, we see a series with great potential to become one of Netflix’s most popular international series filmed in the Spanish language. In order to determine if Morocco: Love in Times of War will be renewed for season 2 we must take a look at how the series was received by subscribers. Subscriber demand is one of the driving forces behind Netflix’s decisions to renew their original series for subsequent seasons. So far subscribers in the United States have not had the best things to say about the show Morocco: Love in Times of War. Most complaints have something to do with over the top acting or the lack of a high quality english cover. Despite these bad reviews the series continues to increase in popularity. Due to the popularity it seems likely that Netflix will pursue a second season of the show Morocco: Love in Times of War. Netflix has yet

The question is “when?”

When Will Morocco: Love in Times of War Season 2 be on Netflix? Netflix Release Date?

Morocco: Love in Times of War is Netflix’s newest original international television series. Subscribers have already begun asking the big question “when will Morocco: Love in Times of War season 2 be released on Netflix?” In order to answer this loaded question we must take a look at how Netflix has handled the release of subsequent seasons of their original series similar to Morocco: Love in Times of War. After taking a look at some exclusive data provided to us by our inside source within Netflix it has been found that there is typically a twelve month period of time between seasons of series similar to Morocco: Love in Times of War. Using this pattern we can approximate the Netflix release date for Morocco: Love in Times of War season 2. Morocco: Love in Times of War season 2 should be available on Netflix by January 25th, 2019; provided that the same trend is followed by Netflix.

Morocco: Love in Times of War (season 2) should be available to watch on Netflix by January 25th, 2019.

Comment below if you want to see a second season of Netflix’s original series Morocco: Love in Times of War!



247 thoughts on “Morocco: Love In Times of War Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status – Netflix Release Date”

    1. Loved loved loved this series and hope more seasons are to come. Loved fact it was Original Spanish language with English subtitles. Fell in love with all the characters.

    2. I Love,
      Love this Spanish melodrama. It IS a melodrama, exactly how it should be.
      Melodrama’s work on the Emotions as only the Spanish can. I cried, I laughed, I watched non-stop the whole cold snowy week-end. It was Wonderful. More, more!

      I love Amalia Salamanca. I loved her in Grand Hotel. Now I am going to look for her in Velvet.
      Elaine A from Canada.

    3. I loved, loved Morocco, and can’t wait until Season 2, and am just disappointed that it won’t be until Jan. 2019….so wish it could be this summer.

    4. We loved the show so much & my wife is having a hard time adjusting to have to wait for so long.
      Excilent show and acting from every single one of them.

    5. Y es…please renew! The English version is bad! Both the actors’ voices and lip sync. Therefore we watched in Spanish with subtitles. We loved it!

    6. Most definitely expect Netflix to show Season 2 and all the seasons of Morocco, Love in the Times of War. It is not fair to expect people to watch and not get to the end of any series.

    7. I enjoyed this series and the fact that the problems did have solutions! Choosing the best decision prevailed so you were not frustrated. Would love to see a season two, but appreciated the ending of season one. Strong characters, well-developed and empathy for those choosing unwisely. Even tying up the loose ends, made me feel joy that the main characters were in a good place.

  1. I really enjoyed the series of Morocco Love in times of War. I was surprised that the series were made on actual true events! This makes the series even more worth to watch!
    I will love to see Season two!

    1. Very much want to see a second season, love this series. Made me do some histórical research re history of Morocco.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. The subscription could be better but we get the concept. Netflix should renew it. If viewers like me got through “the velvet” and of course the “grand hotel” this should be renewed. I am done with the series can’t wait for the next season….

  2. I greatly enjoyed Grand Hotel and how the characters developed with the twisting story.
    Morocco I am certainly enjoying and hope a season 2 will be commissioned. Well done Netflix for offering such varied choice of entertainment .
    If your a fan of Reign and don’t mind subtitles watch Grand Hotel and Morocco, romance, history, relationships, plot twist and turns just simple entertainment.

    1. I also loved Grand Hotel. Jon Gonzalez and Amaia Salamanca were fantastic. i enjoyed watching Morocco Love in Times of War. Again Amaia Salamanca was very good. Would like to see season II.

  3. I would love to see a second season of Morocco, yes the acting is a little over the top but it is still much, much better than any sitcom on American television. Please bring it back for another season. The costumes are wonderful, the men are handsome (muy bien in their uniforms) and I want to see what happens to the Lady Nurses !!!

  4. Yes, love this show. Carmen is a great model of strength for women. The romance is intruiging. Definitely looking forward to season 2!

    1. I loved the show and the acting by each character.
      It was suspenseful and the action scenes well done
      I will look forward to season 2. Please rush before 2019.

  5. Can´t wait for Season 2 of “Morocco – Love in times of War!” I sincerely hope Netflix continues with this series. I love the fact that it is based on historical facts, and the love triangles makes it light and sometimes even funny.
    Keep it going Netflix!

  6. Love, love Netflix’s new Morocco in times of love and war. Yes, the acting is a bit over the top but that has been true for all the Spanish programs such as Grand Hotel, Velvet, etc but the history and stories depicted is so interesting. Bring us season 2 of Morocco.

    1. OMG please another season! Loved this series! Switching it to English was bad but I didn’t mind reading the captions at all, and sometimes the acting was over the top but I saw it as more of a soap opera type series which is normal duh. Literally cannot wait a year to see what happens next and to see Larbi <3.

  7. The sound engineer(s) on this film are horrible. I had to stop watching because I it just made it sound like bad actors.

    1. Erik,
      If you go to Settings>Audio & Video>audio language—make it Spanish,
      subtitle Language , English. The voices are much better because it is the actors real voices and you can read the English. I am starting to pick up a little Spanish myself!!
      Elaine A

    1. Loved it, loved it. I watched Grand Hotel so many times and now Morocco a few times. Helping me with my spanish, please bring on Season 2.

  8. Of course we want a second season, is an excellent serie, will be a shame not to give it a grand finalle.

  9. Just finished watching the 1st season of Morocco love in times of war and loved it! I am definitely looking forward to season 2 and hope that it will be sooner than later.

    Thanks Netflix!!!


  10. Can’t wait for Season 2..especially that I could hear the beautiful Spanish language ..excelente

  11. Love, love love the Morocco series and can’t wait for Netflix to offer season 2!
    Very entertaining, beautiful costumes and I loved it was based on actual events.

  12. Absolutely love this series. PLEASE do another season. I am in Australia and the English subtitles have been fine by me…..Love all the characters and want to see where they go.

    1. Maybe you should step in and show them how to do it What? Check on Wikepedia the factual history of the Rif War and it may make it clear how near to fact this program is. Well done to all in producing an excelent program.

  13. This may be the most memorable series I have ever seen on Netflix, and I certainly hope it will continue. I don’t get the complaints about sound, as I was able to understand all of the Spanish, which is unusual, as it is not my first language, and my hearing is not that great. This series is comparable in excellence to a classic of Spain’s television, Amor en Tiempos Revueltos, about the Civil War against Franco, and it even has one of the same actors. In my mind it is also as memorable as the series about the Dominican dictator Trujillo, El Chivo. I wish Netflix would both continue to make original series in Spanish and offer more of the best of Spanish television.

    1. Me too!! Stayed up until 4 a.m. I can’t understand a word of Spanish but kept up with the subtitles! This is how much I loved it! Now I’m watching Gran Hotel and loving it! Maybe I’ll learn some Spanish in watching.

  14. I enjoyed season 1 and would like to see a season 2 with more attention to the Rifan/Moroccan side of the story. What happens to Magdalena and Larbi, for example? What happens in the war? Abdelkrim al Khattabi was a fascinating historical figure. What about bringing him back into the show?
    I would also like to see the theme of official corruption developed further. Was that one of the reasons that the Spanish forces were losing against the Rifans?
    My only complaint was the technical quality. There was lots of buffering and a poor soundtrack.

  15. There must be a season 2, these international series on netflix are amazing-
    I can’t understand why american audiences did not embarrass this series, perhaps
    we have forgotten what good TV is
    Please have a season 2 of Morocco!!

  16. I loved this series and it ended so quickly. I would absolutely love a second season! Such a great cast and intriguing story!

  17. Love on times of war captivated me from the first ten minutes. Love Spanish series. Can hardly wait for Season 2. Great story and characters.

  18. Yes! PLEASE release Season 2 of Morocco: Love in Times of War- SOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!

    (Like, before 2019?? Please?)

  19. Love this show. Season one ended and making me to want more, and to know what happens next for the Dutches and the Dame’s.
    Please if possible air Season 2

  20. I LOVE this series. As a nurse, I really appreciated that they made much of it so realistic. Although the dubbing wasn’t the best, the story line itself and the actual acting was wonderful. Please give us a Season 2 as soon as possible!

  21. Just finished watching the first season of Morocco, I enjoyed it very much anxiously waiting for the second season I prefer to watch it with the Spanish speaking rather than the English voiceovers, listening to the Spanish actors and actresses is far more exciting they show a lot of emotion in their speech.

  22. First off I will say this love the story line post ww1 but pre ww2. But why did they have to kill off her brother like come. Y’all need to bring it back for at least 5 seasons or something. Subtitles dont bother me. But over all well done.

  23. Can’t wait for Season 2! Well acted and depicts the times with the competition between Colonel Marquez and the Duchess of Victoria. The love affair between Magdalena and Larbi is a forerunner of inter-racial connection and well explored. Give us another season to be glued to the net almost non-stop.

  24. Can’t wait for Season 2! Well acted and depicts the times with the competition between Colonel Marquez and the Duchess of Victoria. The love affair between Magdalena and Larbi is a forerunner of inter-racial connection and well explored. Give us another season to be glued to the net almost non-stop.

  25. Can’t wait for Season 2! Well acted and depicts the times with the competition between Colonel Marquez and the Duchess of Victoria. The love affair between Magdalena and Larbi is a forerunner of inter-racial connection and well explored. Give us another season to be glued to the net almost non-stop.

  26. Absolutely wonderful…….I didn’t know if I would like it but ended up loving it! I certainly hope there are many more seasons to come.

  27. I feel in love with Morocco it has been one of my favorite series on Netflix I can easily say the the series is definitely worth watching

  28. I so loved watching this…it had dubbed English. My husband was watching it separately and only got subtitles… So sad to have finished this series… What next?? Tks.

  29. This series has everything ,love,war,suspense and some very moving performances by the actors.The historical context adds an element of reality
    of a war that preceded the Spanish civil war.
    I definitely urge Netflix to bring it back for a second season.I am definitely sold.This is quality television like the one we used to get from British series.
    A must watch second season is expected.It is also a great immersion in Spanish!

  30. I would love to see a second season of Morocco Tiempos de Guerra. I enjoyed the storylines and the characters.

  31. Would like a season two. Tried watching the dubbed English version but quickly switched to Spanish with English subtitles. The dub over was lacking

  32. My wife and daughter and I all watched it . It is wonderful to see quality content in another language. Great story around good historical Subject. Great acting…Very compelling.

  33. Great fun. I enjoyed Grand Hotel, too, was prepared for the Spanish tellanovella style. Just sat back and enjoyed the over the top melodrama. Well acted with lots of plot twists.
    But appreciated the story of nurses, early military medical service, and display of the class (and ethnic/racial) prejudices in Spanish society and colonialism.

  34. Just finished looking @ Morocco: Love in Times of love love this show season 2 needs to be out asap please hurry.can’t wait to long for it 😀🤓

  35. I enjoyed the first season ….It only took me 2 days and i was so hooked.. Cant wait for season 2. This time im go at a different pace so i can watch longer.

  36. Great series, but one needs to watch in original Spanish voice track with subtitles: any other dubbed version is a frustrating experience. Solid acting, over the top drama and wicked love triangles make for a fun serial story based somewhat accurately on the events of the colonial Rif War of the 1920’s.
    Please make a second and continued season! We will look forward to it……

  37. My wife and I have been watching the series and find it well made and acted. As a combat infantry soldier, combat-wounded in Vietnam, I can relate to the situations presented. A second season would be very well received. We watch it in Spanish, our first language. Great job, Netflix. Let’s have a second season.

  38. I watched it in one night too… couldn’t wait to see what happened next! Yeah, the acting was a little melodramatic at times, but I think that’s partly why I love it. I wish they had better English audio, but I don’t mind subtitles… Season 2, please come soon!

  39. Dubbing was atrocious. It was hilarious hearing the characters in the 1920’s using late 20th century phrases. Let’s get professional and better dubbers.

  40. Have really enjoyed this series. Can’t wait for a second season! Please hurry up! 2019 is too far away!

  41. Have really enjoyed this series. Can’t wait for a second season! Please hurry up! 2019 is too far away!

  42. I really enjoyed this series on Netflix. I am an Australian and we don”t get too many of these foreign series here but I must say we do love them and would like to have the choice and variety of many more. I watched it from start to finish not bothering with other television programs or movies.The storyline is well written and the cast is great and very appealing.
    I hope you make season 2 as it would be unfair to all the fans of this gripping and enjoyable drama.

  43. Absolutely engaging series about a war that is not more universally known. Acting was great and the three main actors (Cristobal Suarez, Alex Garcia and Daniel Lundh) are super, super hot. Please do another season!

  44. Yes Season 2! My husband and I binged during this past cold, wet weekend. I can’t believe he was as interested as I was! We had no problems following subtitles. I knew nothing about this horrific war but I am definitely researching. History is fascinating.

  45. I love the series and hope it is continued. Captions do not bother me since I am hard of hearing and use them all the time. I also review some of my Spanish so I like that as well. Much better than much of the trivia on regular TV.

  46. This has been a very entertaining show.
    TV series should leave their fans with a sense of finality…. please do this with a 2nd season.

  47. Loved, loved, loved this series! I really loved everything about it. The actors, the actresses, the history, the outfits of that time period. I don’t mind reading subtitles. If anything maybe it will help me learn more Spanish. Please bring a season 2 asap!!!!

  48. Can’t wait for a season 2!!!! Everyone thinks it’s crazy that I read the English subtitles but I’m obsessed with this show now!!

  49. Loved this series so much! I loved everything about it! The actors, the actresses, the history, the period costumes, and the story lines. I don’t speak Spanish, so I don’t mind reading the subtitles. If anything it helps me learn some Spanish in a fun way. Please do a season 2 of this series!

  50. Good show. would like to see a 3rd. season.
    Corny at times , but I don’t care. I am looking for a book on this period of history.

  51. I loved this series and learned a lot of Spanish by listening. I am eager for season 2! I can’t wait to see what happens with Magdalena and Larbi, how things progress with Julia and Fidel, and to see happiness for Pilar and Luis and Luis Jr., the darling baby she rescued. I wish Guillermo well too, but with a new and better woman. This is a wonderful plot and acting, with gorgeous young people, and anchored by the calm strength of Duchess Carmen.

  52. I LOVE “Morrocco”. I don’t mind subtitles at all-my only complaint with these subtitles is that they could be better. Sometimes they flash and I can’t get the content although the meaning is conveyed very well by the acting. I’m actually learning Spanish, too! US shows are generally bad-if it wasn’t for Brits and now the Spanish, we’d have nothing.

  53. Excellent and entertaining show. The acting was cheesy, but so what. It’s the story line that counts, in my humble opinion. Bring on Season 2.

  54. Oh my word! How absolutely incredible to watch series 1! I was spellbound and fell in love with each of the characters! I was crying so hard at the end that I had to rewatch! How sad to have to wait a whole year for series 2!! And what in the world would watchers in America think this was over the top?! Most of our shows are so pathetic and redundant and not worth the time to watch!! We need more imagination in the plots! To read this is based on facts is more intriguing! Thank you, Netflix!! Well done!!!

  55. My mother and I loved Grand hotel,Velvet, The paradise, The time in between, LaNina and Morocco. These spanish shows have fantastic plots, and fantastic actors! We never want any of them to end! 🙂
    Please bring back Morroco season #2!

  56. Love this show, and I hope there is a season 2!
    While your waiting for Season 2 of Morocco…. Gran Hotel, Velvet, and Cable Girls are a must watch!

  57. This is my favorite Netflix series, by far! Please bring on Season 2. We simply must know what happens to every one!

  58. Yes! Please renew this series for a second season. One of my favorite series so far and knew nothing about this conflict prior to watching it. Fascinating history of Red Cross field hospitals. I enjoyed the costumes, sets, and pace. Sone of the acting a bit melodramatic, but I prefer that to the mumbling and moroseness of some series. Who doesn’t love watching all the love triangles and cheering for the sweet couples to end up together in the end?

  59. I absolutely loved this show. Anything Ramos Campos produces! I am starting to pick up an understanding of the Spanish Language through these compelling stories. Please continue to tell them!

  60. AMAZING show!!! I’m in love to be honest, and I would be more than thrilled to watch the second season. I have also learned so much Spanish just by watching the show and the overall story tied with the true historical events and the drama make this show one of the best I have ever seen. Por favor haz una temporada dos!!! 🙂

  61. I loved this series. I actually switched from the English dub to Spanish with subtitles- it was way better. The way the last episode wrapped up, it sounded very final, but I’m really hoping they make a season 2!! I need more Daniel Lundh!

  62. Please and por favor, Netflix, renew Morocco En Tiempos de Guerra. The story is fascinating and so well-done. Gracias!!

  63. loved Series 1 Morocco – I can’t wait until January 2019 to get series 2 – come on Netflixs you can do better than that. I thought you were meant to be a provider for the good of it’s viewers. Don’t let us down.

  64. series 1 Morocco – excellent – can’t wait until January 2019 to see series 2 – if I could purchase somewhere else I would. Come on Netflix’s don’t Let us down

  65. We look forward to a season 2. Morocco is one of the best Netflix series we have enjoyed in a long time.

  66. Please don’t leave us hanging. We loved the series and stayed up late to binge watch this. Great job Netflix. aWaiting SEason 2, hopefully in the near future.

  67. I loved this series! Please don’t make us wait too long for Season 2. Will Julia live? Will Magdalena and Larbi find happiness notwithstanding all the prejudices against them? I love the complexity and interaction of the characters. It is so refreshing to find a series that entertains without outrageous violence, profanity and endless sex scenes like so many other series. Please give us Season 2 soon!

  68. Please renew Morocco Love in Times of War. My wife and I loved the series, the story, the characters, the acting and are waiting for more! Muchas gracias!!

  69. This serious is one of the best you’ve had yet besides “the last kingdom” please make another one! I lost sleep over this one and it was well worth it!!

  70. I’m impressed, I must say. Really not often do I encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the difficulty is one thing that not enough persons are talking intelligently about. I am very joyful that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something regarding this.

  71. I can’t imagine anyone not liking Moracco! We love it and so hope there will be a season 2. Absolutely love all the cast but love what Magdalena brings to it. She has such a fun personality and a great actor. They all are. Thanks so much!!

  72. I loved everything about Morocco. It’s well-done, exciting, and a great story. I just finished watching Season 1, and will be anxiously awaiting Season 2. It’s a must!

  73. Excellent season one of Morocco binged in a few days
    Speaking Spanish from Spanish mother amongst other languages spoken in Morocco
    Both parents and I born in Morocco in times of french and Spanish protectorate I find this series in Spanish so good and historically realistic
    I loved watching it
    I hope there will be many seasons to come
    I recently joined Netflix in Australia
    Fabulous drug for a retiree
    Thank you

  74. I absolutely love Morocco!! It is the best series I have seen and to not have second season would be depressing. The actors/actresses are outstanding!! This is a high quality movie. Every episode was to die for .. hard to stop watching. It is beautiful movie and I am hoping that it will have a season 2. Whatever I need to do to make this happen, just let me know. Thank you Netflix. Excellent job on this one. I am telling my friends!!!! Keep going. I am proud of you for making this movie! Can’t you tell I am in love with it!! 🙂

  75. I love Morocco: Love in Times of War it’s a great series. I watch it in Spanish the original language. My parents also watch it at their house they love this series. I only wish that Netflix wouldn’t wait so long to add on subsequent seasons to their series. 4 or 6 months is ok but 12 months is a bit much.

  76. Just finished season 1 of Morocco, Love in times of War and I am so looking forward to the second season! Beautiful job of building the on the characters backgrounds, the love triangles & daily drama that they go through to get them to this place. Julia & Fidel have a acing chemistry, Magdalena & Larbi warm your heart and Pilar & Luis are just adorable. I love the strength of the Duchess, slowly showing her warm side. Don’t make us wait too long, this is a must to continue!

  77. Love this show. Has shoot-em-ups for me, romance for my wife and medicine for both of us. Covers a watershed in Spanish history, as an important prelude to the Spanish Civil War. Please bring it back for a second season!

  78. I love This series the quality is great and the actors amazingly good; excellent storyline. I cannot wait for season 2 please release it soon ❤️

  79. Awesome series! Love “Morocco….”. Wish season 2 would be available sooner than 2019. Actors and performances are superb. Definitely love the Spanish series (i.e. Velvet, The Grand Hotel, A Time in Between, Palm Trees in the Snow).

  80. Awesome series. I love “Morocco….”. Actors and performances are superb. Wish we didn’t have to wait until 2019 for season 2. Spain has been producing some really great series/movies such as Velvet, The Grand Hotel, The Time in Between, Palm Treesin the Snow, etc. I definitely vote for renewal/season 2.

  81. We lòved this series and every thing about it and can’t wait for season 2 of Morocco we are so disappointed that we have to wait a whole year ! But please please continue with this series 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  82. Absolutely! The characters nailed the acting. I liked the dubbing, it adds a very special element to the show.

  83. I’m impressed, I must say. Actually rarely do I encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you’ve gotten hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the problem is something that not sufficient individuals are speaking intelligently about. I’m very glad that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something relating to this.

  84. Where do I start? How about begging for Season 2 to be completed. I have lately found myself searching for shows with true depth,acting that draws you into the characters,unforseen circumstantial situations. Well I have found it! I have watched the Morrocco Love in times of War series 3 times and I am in love. Please renew the show. The story has more to tell.

  85. Si si si por favor I want to see season 2 3 4 5 ….enjoyed the Spanish and the translation in English. Hurry bring it soon

  86. It is a great series and deserves a second season – it should be watched with the original Spanish speakers and English subtitles – zillion times better than the awful English dubbing. Please / por favor another season!!

  87. I love this series and can’t even wait that long for second season. the Spanish novelas are of quality unknown to other countries. the acting, scenery and plot are the best unlike Latin American ones. Amaia Salamanca is an amazing actress. loved her since Grand Hotel

  88. My husband and I have been glued to the TV the last few days watching this series. We love it!
    Netflix has to bring back SEASON 2!!!!
    It will be worth the wait, of course, I hope we don’t have to wait a whole year.

  89. Please please keep making more of this fantastic series. I absolutely loved it in every way, especially the the characters. So refreshing to watch this Spanish show and very happy to have sub titles.

  90. Love this show and also “Cable Girls”… can hardly wait for both of them to release new episodes!! ❤ from Canada

  91. Encantada!!! What a great show! Great content without it being sleazy…the music..oh my! Gives the scenes an air of beautiful! Great actors! Please bring season 2..3..4 etc!!

  92. Loved Loved Loved this show!
    Everyone should watch Morocco.
    Great actors! Great story! I hope there is a season 2. It would be terrible not to continue this story.

  93. I really enjoyed Morocco in time of love and war. I thought it was very well done and taught me a lot about Spanish history. I hope that there will be a season 2 and that they wont make us wait until January 2019.

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