Moron Test Answers – Quick! Wake Up the Elephant Answer

The moron test is an app that has been around for a few years now. The app consists of different tests that allow you to test your common sense and intelligence. The name comes from the fact that the test can be completed by a moron.

Some of the sections of the moron test can be very tricky. The answers to the questions are very specific and if you do not do exactly what the question says to do, you will fail and have to start the section over again. In this article I will be discussing one of the trickier problems to answer in the moron test app. Below you will find the solution to the problem “Quick Wake Up The Elephant.”

Moron Test Answers – Quick Wake Up The Elephant Answer

In the Skip Day Section of the moron test there is a prompt that asks the player to wake up the elephant. On the screen you will see an elephant as well as a monkey holding a kite that is laying on the ground. Along the top of the note card there is some text that reads “Quick Wake Up the Elephant” this is the prompt that you must follow to move on to the next card. This card is tricky because you have to touch the correct area of the screen at the exact right time. Some people thought that the key to waking up the elephant had to do something with the kite in the monkey’s hand. However, this is not the solution. Below you will find the correct answer to how to wake up the elephant in the moron test app.

Moron Test Answers - Quick! Wake Up the Elephant Answer

How to Wake Up The Elephant in The Moron Test 

To wake up the Elephant in the moron test app, you need to have a good eye and a better reaction time. To wake up the elephant you need to ignore all the other components that are on the screen and try to focus on the elephants eyes. The eyes of the elephant are the biggest clue on when to wake him up. As soon as the elephant’s eyes begin to close watch out for the animated z’s that will come up above his head. As soon as the Z’s appear, you will need to tap the elephant anywhere on his body to wake him up. Once the elephant wakes up he will blare his trunk and blow the kite into the air. This will signify that you completed the prompt.

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