Movies And Social Media

Movies have not changed in years. At least the way they are released to the public. Movies have always been shown in movie theaters. Recently some movies have been released on Direct TV and similar television providers. But I would not be surprised if in the not so distant future movies are released on social media. Weather it is on Youtube, or on a Google plus hangout on air. It would be Amazing to be able to watch the midnight releases on a hangout. And now with chromecast or apple TV you could put the movie right on your TV.

Eventually all entertainment will be on social media. TV, movies, even Sports. Could there be a new way to watch television, maybe on Google? Only time will tell. Could you imagine being able to cancel your television provider and save hundreds of dollars a year. It would also make watching television a better experience. How? By linking the television to Google plus and being able to comment on what you are watching with certain communities or circles. With Google anything is possible.

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