Nerdy Glasses and Braces Snapchat lens 

There are new snapchat lenses released every single day on snapchat. The most recent snapchat lens adds something no other snapchat lens has ever had.

The nerdy glasses with braces snapchat lens allows snapchat users to add braces to their teeth. This is the first snapchat lens that allows its users to do this. Below you will find a description of the nerdy glasses and braces snapchat lens along with an image of the lens.

Nerdy Glasses With Braces Snapchat Lens

The nerdy glasses with braces snapchat lens is the first snapchat lens with braces. This lens increases the size of your eyes and adds animated nerdy glasses. The lens also makes your cheeks appear to be chubbier. When you smile you will see braces on your teeth. This snapchat lens is a lot of fun and creates a cool nerdy effect. Check it out.

Braces are not the only way to help out your smile. Dentists offices such as this Pinehurst Dentist can both improve the health of your teeth and their appearance.

Happy Snapping!