New England Patriots Super Bowl LI Football Helmet Snapchat Filter 2017

Its that time of year again! Time for the last, and most important game in any given season of the NFL. The super bowl is today and the New England Patriots will be facing off against the Atlanta Falcons in Tampa Florida. These two teams have worked hard to battle their way to this point and now there is one final match up to decide who will be crowned the champion of the 2016-2017 NFL football season. To celebrate this monumental game, snapchat has released a snapchat filter that allows snapchat users to join in on the action and wear a New England Patriots Football Helmet. Below you will find a description of the Patriots football helmet lens along with an image of the lens applied.

How To Get The New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 Football Helmet Snapchat Filter 

It is incredibly easy to get the New England Patriots Football Helmet snapchat filter for super bowl LI. It is actually easier than putting on a real football helmet. All you have to do to use the Patriots football helmet snapchat lens is download snapchat, make an account and log in. Then you simply open the front facing camera and activate the snapchat lenses by tapping and holding on your face until a number of different snapchat lens icons appear at the bottom of the screen. Once you have done this, tap the icon along the bottom of the screen that has the super bowl LI logo on it. Once you activate the lens you can choose between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. When you choose the Patriots logo option, you will be crowned with the New England Patriots football helmet on your head.

New England Patriots Superbowl LI Football Helmet Snapchat Filter 2017
The super bowl LI football helmet snapchat lens will receive a lot of use today by both fans of the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. We should be in for a good game. Comment below what your pick for super bowl 51 is, Patriots or Falcons.

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