New Snapchat Font Update on iPhone iOS 2016

New Snapchat Font Update on iPhone 2016As snapchat users across the country use their snapchat apps, they are gradually beginning to notice that there is a new font within the entire snapchat app. This minor update is having a huge effect on the snapchat experience. Users are beginning their mixed emotions regarding the new snapchat font on social media as well as through the snapchat app itself. Snapchat users have become so accustom to the old snapchat font that this new font is a shock to their system. This font is part of a mini update on snapchat that may or may not lead to a large update in the near future. All we know right now is that there is a new font on the snapchat app and it is causing an uproar. In this article I will compare and contrast the old snapchat font with the new snapchat font and share some opinions about the new snapchat font on iPhone from different perspectives.

New Snapchat Font Update on iPhone iOS 2016

The new font update for the iOS snapchat app will catch your eye as soon as you open the app. The font is noticeably different and snapchat users are in a frenzy trying to figure out if they are crazy or if the snapchat font changed. The answer to the question “did the snapchat font change” is yes. You will immediately notice that the font is much more bold than the old snapchat font. The new snapchat font will also appear to be harder to look at at first. This is the root of some of the negative comments I have heard about the new snapchat font. One of my close friends said “The font is just not easy to read.” Although this is only because the font is new, it is very true. Snapchat users have become acclimated to the old font so now that the font has changed, it is just not easy on the eyes. This new font extends to the entire snapchat app. Including the inbox page.

New Snapchat Font Update on iPhone 2016

If this font is going to stay, snapchat users are in for a long few weeks while their brains get used to this new snapchat font. It is going to take a lot of dissaproval from snapchat users to cause snapchat to reverse the update and bring back the old font that everyone was so used to. All we can do in the mean time is cope and hope. Hope that we either get used to the new snapchat font on iPhone, or that it is reverted to the old font.

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