New From Google – Android YouTube App Update

The YouTube app has recently been updated, I believe last night, and the changes are aesthetic as well as functional. The first thing you will notice is the new visual for the app. It is a red rectangle with rounded off corners with a white play symbol in the middle. When you open the new updated app you will have your what to watch section. It is pretty much the same accept for the fact that it is now lighter colored. If you swipe your finger to the right you will have your options and your subscriptions.

The coolest new feature I have found is that when you are watching a video you can minimize the video and navigate the app while the video plays in the bottom right corner. To get rid of the small screen you can swipe it to the left or right. To maximize it you can either tap on it or swipe it up. Its not going to revolutionize the way you watch videos but I think it is pretty cool. It is also pretty handy when listening to music or creating a playlist so that the sound will still be playing while you are searching for the next video. To sum it up I like the update. Do you like the new YouTube?