New From Google – Mobile Search App Could Look A Lot Like Google Now

Google has recently been working on a new interface for the mobile search app. It will look a lot like something we have seen before. The new app will have cards instead of a long list. all of the cards will have different information about what you search for example if you search “Google” there will be a card for information about the company, a card for stock, a card for search results and a card for news, images, etc. You will be able to swipe away cards that you do not want on the screen you can also disable some cards from coming up. If the cards on search are a success they will apply the card idea to desktop search to. The problem I see with this is that you could not swipe the cards away and it could turn into a pain. I have this problem with the google plus notifications. I find myself trying to swipe with the track pad but in reality I have to click the little X. I can’t wait for the new interface to be applied. I think it will make search faster and smoother. I just hope the find an efficient way to deal with removing the cards.

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