NFL Football Snapchat Filters and Lenses 2016 – 2017

Tonight is the first regular season nfl football game. The game will be played between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. To celebrate the start of the season, snapchat will have a number of nfl snapchat filters and snapchat lenses. 

NFL Football Snapchat Lenses 

Throughout the NFL season there will be a number of snapchat lenses for fans to use during the games. These lenses will represent different teams as they face off against oponents. It would be cool to see face paint NFL snapchat lenses similar to the final four college basketball snapchat lenses.  Fans would go crazy if they could use a snapchat lens to talk smack and support their team on snapchat. 

NFL Football Snapchat Filters

NFL snapchat filters are a sure thing this season. There are so many opportunities for businesses as well as franchises to use snapchat filters to help promote themselves. NFL teams could create geolenses that fans can use in the stadium. There could also be snapchat lenses based on the closest NFL team to you similar to the mlb opening day snapchat lenses. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the NFL snapchat filters and lenses this season. 

How to Get NFL Snapchat Filters 

To get the NFL snapchat filters there are goin to be different options. Either you will have to be near the stadium the NFL game is being played in, or you will have to be in the general area of your favorite team. There will likely be general NFL football snapchat filters sponsored by companies that you can use anywhere. Comment below what your favorite NFL team is and whether or not you would use an NFL snapchat Lens or Filter.

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