Now You See Me 2 Joker Playing Card Snapchat Lens 

Thousands of people every year use snapchat lenses to spice up their snapchat snaps. Many movies have sponsored lenses to help promote their release.

The most recent movie to sponsor a snapchat lens was now you see me 2. This is the sequel to the movie Now You See Me which was a hit. The movie is about a group of magicians brought together to use their skills to rob banks around the world. Below you will find a description of the now you see me 2 snapchat lens along with an image of the lens applied. 

Now You See Me 2 Playing Card Snapchat Lens 

The now you see me 2 snapchat lens is a very unique snapchat lens. The lens starts by adding a filter with the movie logo at the top of the screen. The lens also adds a number of animated playing cards that appear to be floating in circles around your head. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth. Once activated. Cards will shoot out of your mouth. 

Happy Snapping!