Orthodontist SEO Tips – Do Links From Instagram Affect Ranking in Google Search?

When marketing your Orthodontics practice there are a number of different routs you can take. Social Media has proven to be a valuable resource to Orthodontists across the country; but do the links from these social media outlets affect ranking in Google search? 

Using Instagram To Market Your Orthodontics Practice

Having a high quality Instagram account has proved to be a very effective form of marketing for a number of orthodontists. An Instagram page will give patients a bit more of a personal connection to your practice, you cankeep them updated on the little things while also giving them tips and strategies they can use to help them live their live with braces. The best place to put a link to an Orthodontist practice’s website is in the bio of the Instagram profile. Many Orthodontists have created an Instagram page and found that their websites do indeed get traffic from links from their Instagram account bio. Orthodontists do not see a large influx of traffic from their Instagram links. There is no doubt that utilizing Instagram in an Orthodontics practice’s marketing strategy is beneficial, the question is raised “do Instagram links help my website rank higher in Google search?”

Do Instagram Links Affect Ranking in Google Search?

Instagram gives users the ability to add a link from the bio of their profile to a domain of their choice. Most businesses direct this link to their website. The question is “does this link have any effect on an Orthodontist’s ranking in Google search. The answer to this question is yes, but very little. Links from social media have little to no affect on your website’s ranking in Google search. There is more value in what little traffic is acquired through the links than there is real SEO value. This is not to say that you should not create a link from Instagram. An Instagram account is a valuable piece of a marketing strategy that is very beneficial. Although the link has very little value in SEO terms, what little power it has could be just enough to bump you up one spot.

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