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Mobile games are becoming very fun and very hard to put down. Games such as Super Mario Run,, and have exploded in recent months. These games have many different similarities and differences that make them each unique and fun. Super Mario Run is free for six levels, to unlock the rest of the games you must pay $10. is a little outdated but provided players with hours of fun. A new game that is strikingly similar to is the game is a game in which you must battle to control the playing field while also avoiding being killed by other players on the same playing field. Below you will find out more about gameplay. Tips and Strategies - How To Go Faster in
How To Play Game on iPhone is a strategy based game in which your goal is to cover a high percentage of the playing surface with your avatar’s color. To cover surface you must leave the color area you start with then return. While you are outside of your colored area you will leave a trail or tail that shows where you have traveled. The tail will show how much surface area you will gain once you return to the area you have already claimed. To navigate your avatar in, you simply swipe in a different direction. You cannot turn 180 degrees on a dime to turn 180 degrees you must turn left then left again or right then right again. Below you will find an image of gameplay going down. Tips and Strategies - How To Go Faster in
You notice the slightly transparent tail that shows the path of my avatar. This tail is what can get you killed. Literally. Not literally, just in the game but you get what I’m saying. If another player runs into your tail you will be dead and you will return to the home screen where you can start over. Below you will find strategies to score higher in as well as some hints to cover more of the playing surface in

Score is kept in by the percentage of the board you manage to capture or cover. The higher the percentage the higher the score. The goal of the game is to capture as much surface area as possible without letting anyone else take kill your avatar or cover your colored area with theirs. Yes, you can capture other players surface area. This Game gets extremely competitive and frustrating. To help mitigate this frustration, I am going to leave you with a few tips and strategies to get a higher percentage, a higher score, and ultimately more coins in the game for iPhone. Tips and Strategies – How to Get All The Avatars in 

There are a few great tips I have to share with you today that will help you achieve higher scores, bragging rights, or whatever it is that you play for. These tips will improve your scores and hopefully ease any frustrations when it comes to playing

The first strategy I have to share involves gaining new surface area. Like you probably already know you gain surface area in by leaving your claimed area and returning. Once you return to your claimed area the area that you drew with your tail will be added to your surface area and your percentage will increase. The strategy I have to share related to gaining new area is to try to gain larger chunks of area only when you do not see another avatar nearby. If you see another avatar nearby try not to get too far away from your claimed area. If you try to be greedy and take a large chunk right next to another player, they will try to go for the kill and force you to start over again. Just play the odds and only take big chunks when the coast is clear. Another note, the more area you are covering when you die, the more coins you get at the end of the round.

The second strategy I have for is in regards to trying to kill other avatars in the game. To kill another player you simply have to make your character run ver their tail before they return to their claimed surface. In most cases this will be challenging. Try not to play with the mindset that you need to kill all other players that you see. This will lead to you ending up too far from your claimed surface and someone actually killing you. If there is a player who is ranked on the leaderboard in and you want to knock him off by killing him, you can try to use this strategy. The best way to go about trying to kill another player is to try and lure them in by making them think that they can reach you before you get back to your area. Once they are lured too far from their colored area, you can leave yours again and kill the character.

The last tip I have is not really a tip as much as it is a reality check. Some players seem to believe that you can increase your avatar’s speed in some way, just like you could in However, you cannot. There is no way to increase the speed of your avatar in I feel like this would be an interesting addition to the game. You could simply loose 0.01% of your surface area for every half second that you use the speed boost in For now, we just have to enjoy the game as It has been created and have fun with it. is all about patients and strategy. Try to use these tips  strategies the next time you play and see how much they improve your score. Comment below if you have any other tips or tricks you would like to share with other players.


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  1. Umm this post is literally called How to go faster in Also you made a title about how to unlock all the avatars and didn’t talk about avatars at all. I resent the fact that you misnamed many parts and really just told basic information. You kept people reading by misnaming the paragraphs.

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  3. ‘Don’t go far from your territory when other players are around’ ¿Really? Never would’ve thought if that
    ‘Try and kill other players’ ¡Wow! Whoever wrote this must be an mlg leet pro gamer
    ‘There’s no way to go faster’ -proceeds to name article “how to go faster in”

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