Paschal Golf Course Wake Forest North Carolina

Golf is one of the most expensive past times a person can get themselves caught up in. When you add up the cost of clubs, balls, greens fees, and cart fees; you will find golf to be an expensive hobby. Some courses are outrageously expensive while others offer a price better suited for those who are just getting into the sport. Paschal Golf Club in Wake Forest North Carolina is a course that offers a fun course without breaking the bank. It is a nine hole course located off of stadium drive in Wake Forest North Carolina. The address of the course is 555 Stadium Dr. Wake Forest, NC 27587. The pull in is located at the bottom of the hill if you are coming off of Capital blvd. You will see a small wooden sign on the right that simply says: “Paschal Golf Club”. As you pull in their is a creek that runs along the drive on the right. You will pull up to a small building with a gravel parking lot in the front. On your left you will see the fourth hole which is my favorite hole on the course. You tee off at the top of a cliff and try to stick your ball right onto the green. I usually use my eight iron for hole number four. When you go in to pay you will find the rates to be extremely reasonable. Nine holes at Paschal costs $12 walking, and $17 with a cart during the week. On the weekends and holidays it costs $15 to walk, and $20 with a cart. To play eighteen during the week costs $17 walking , and $24 with a cart. Eighteen on the weekends will cost $22 walking, and $30 with a cart. They also offer discounts for students that are between the ages of sixteen and twenty four as well as active military. Juniors also receive a discount. For the price the course is fairly decent. I have played it a few times in the winter and early spring and found the grass cover on the fairways to be very patchy and sandy. This could have been due to the heavy ice that the Wake Forest area received over the past winter. The greens were also patchy. The greens were also very flat which is good for anybody just getting into the sport. These conditions have changed in recent months. I stopped by today to check out the course in mid July and found that the course was in much better condition than when I played. I will definitely be sure to come back and play there once it starts to cool off. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in playing golf but is on a budget. The course is well worth the price and the owners do a great job with the resources available to them. A fun fact for any Arnold Palmer fans: Arnold Palmer played this course many times when he was a student at Wake Forest University. Again I highly recommend giving this course a try.