Pinterest Buyable Pins Allow Merchants to Sell on Pinterest

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Pinterest now allows merchant’s products to be displayed on pinterest as pins. Pinterest users can now buy merchant’s items directly from the merchant from their pin. Pinterest users can upload their debit or credit card information to their account as well as their shipping address. This allows users to purchase items displayed as a pin extremely quickly. The addition of buyable pins will be a great marketing tool for companies. This addition will be especially effective for companies who sell products that are attractive to females ages fourteen to twenty nine, because this is the largest demographic that uses pinterest. Their products will be one click away from being purchased by millions of users of pinterest. The buyable pins will be able to be treated just like any other pin on pinterest. Users can pin items to boards and share them with friends. This ability will allow users to create boards called “birthday wishlist” and pin items that they really want. Then their friends can look at the board and see what they could get them for their birthday. I know from speaking with some users that they can be frustrated because they see something on pinterest that they are extremely interested in but can not find the item anywhere. This will make it easier for users to find select items that they see on pinterest, because the item will have the option to be purchased on pinterest. Right now there are not many merchants that are set up with buyable pins on pinterest, but in the near future there will be plenty of merchants that begin to add their items to the pinterest shop. There will be larger brands such as Target or Michael’s that will get their foot in the door for this great marketing tool. For companies to be able to create buyable pins to put on pinterest they must first be own a store. Basically all the buyable pin is, is a shortcut to purchasing an item from a company with a shopify online store. So it is just a shortcut to purchase the items you find on pinterest.

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