Pokémon GO Tips – Where to Play Pokémon GO in Columbia, SC

Pokemon GO has stolen the hearts of mobile gamers across the country. Players are searching for Pokemon in every state and every city in the country. The hunt is especially thrilling in Columbia South Carolina. In this article we will discuss where to play Pokemon go to get more Pokemon and find pokestops in Columbia South Carolina. 

Pokemon go is a game created by niantic that uses Google maps to find your location so you can play. You must physically move to find Pokemon and pokestops in columbia. The game also utilizes your phone’s camera and adds animated Pokemon for you to capture. There are some good spots in columbia south Carolina to find Popokestops and Pokemon.

Where to Play Pokemon Go in Culumbia, SC 

When playing Pokemon go you must look for Pokemon and pokestops at points of interest. Pokemon go is based off of the game ingress which placed “portals” near historic por important places. It is rumored that there are tons of Pokemon scattered around the university of south Carolina campus in columbia columbia. Be sure to play Pokemon go at the university of south Carolina (USC) campus. When looking for a pokestop in columbia south Carolina, be sure to look near points of interest asuch s historic or important buildings and sites. There are plenty of places to find Pokemon in columbia south Carolina and at the university of south Carolina. Go catch them all!

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