Pokemon GO – What is The Best Pokemon To Start With in Pokemon GO?

The new hot game Pokemon go allows players to physically walk around with their phone and hunt for Pokemon. The game is very similar to the game ingress and is actually created using the same premis. 

In the game Pokemon go you will start off with one Pokemon of your choice. You can choose from a number of popular Pokemon each with its own abilities. If you want to have the best Pokemon you should continue reading below. 

What is the Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

In the game Pokemon go there are tons of different Pokemon to choose from. When you start the game you will have to choose a Pokemon to start with. There is a choice between some popular Pokemon. Some people believe that one Pokemon will give you an advantage. The truth is, no matter which Pokemon you start with on Pokemon go, you will have the same game experience as every other Pokemon. No specific Pokemon is better than another. If you have more questions about the game Pokemon go comment below and I will find the answer for you.

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